Thursday, 31 October 2013

21st bithday

so i turned 21 on 29th of october and i went out had a cake at home and drank malibu!!!!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

etsy shop feature of the week Kreativprodukte

hey everyone! today is another etsy feature about a wonderful jewellery shop. 
Kreativproduckte is owned by Barbara age 26, who lives in austria (next to vienna).

"my day job i´m a chemist, so there´s a lot of technical stuff around me all day and even though i love science i need getaways and this is where crafting comes in.
i have been doing this and that all my life, my mother crafted a lot with me when i was young, in a summer holiday i learned how to make friendship bracelets and at some point i developed a love for the seed beads. last but not least i took up painting.
my business:
even though i have always been a crafter i always just made a little something here and a little something there and everything i did not use myself turned into presents for others. about a year ago i got serious about crafting and i came to a point when i had so many things lying around and all my relatives and friends were gifted with my creations that i decided to open up an etsy shop and share my creations with the whole world
favourite thing to make??
i cannot say, one day i enjoy macrame, the next it´s kumihimo and on the third i love sitting in my room and paint. whatever i feel like and i feel like doing something pretty much every day as just cannot sit on the couch watching tv without doing something productive.
my products:
i think my products are unique because even though i look around the internet a lot (i just love pinterest and its tutorials) and am a big fan of tutorials i always try to change what´s shown around a bit so it gets a unique twist that noone else has and thereby make it my own creation."
quoted from Barbara 

to visit Kreativprodukte click here

Thursday, 24 October 2013

the casual date.

casual cafe date outfit.

this is the out i wore on a first date with a biker guy. it was a casual date in a cafes so it wasn't too dressed up.
kept the makeup natural and neutral. 

over the knee stockings - ebay
boots - bay
skirt primark
top h&M

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

etsy shop feature of the week Twinkle Pink Jewelry

i also purchased a couple pairs of earrings, i liked them because there are dainty and sweet.  made from really good quality materials. 
hey everyone! today i am featuring TwinklePinkJewelry  it is a handmade jewellery brand created by Annika. She is the designer, owner, maker and photographer for her brand. She creates elegant beaded pieces.  her brand is very captivating, feminine and girly this particular style is great for people like me who enjoy girly dainty pieces and would compliment people with a feminine style. And because of the girly sparkly jewellery style it really caught my attention i was so drawn to these pieces i could picture my self wearing some of this jewellery with a casual outfit and it would really bring elegance to the outfit. The great part about TwinklePinkJewelry is that it's beautifully made and are affordable price ranging from £4.32 - £43 for jewellery sets. I defiantly would purchase a jewellery piece from this store.  so if you want see more of this shop you can visit the here at

Saturday, 19 October 2013

casual outfit

casual outfit

earrings - primark
scarf -charity shop
jumper primark 

who says you only need to wear black in the winter? 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

halloween make up Glasgow smile

i was trying out the slit mouth look for halloween, i have a video tutorial on how i created this look . 

Saturday, 5 October 2013

outfit of the day sex punk secretary & new camera canon 600D

top - H&M
Necklace - Riverisland
skirt - boutiuque
suspender tights - primark
shoe - ebay punk shoes

hey guys so this outfit was inspired by the series I've been watching called secret diary of a call girl which i love so much. i think that the character Belle in the series has a seductive sort of business woman look and i was inspired by that but injected some of my own style in for a twist this is where the  punk ish look comes in.

also i have invested in a new camera the canon 600D i'm just used to using it but so far its really good! tell me what you think of photo quality.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

etsy shop of the week feature eternal girl

Hello my lovelies! Todays etsy shop feature is eternal girl a shop with some stunning handmade jewelry pieces, of hand drawn designs. I think that the true beauty of each piece is that they are so exceptional because there hand drawn.  Julia Toussaint is the owner and creator of eternal girl.  The price range is between £2.22  - £8 so the prices are very affordable. Her designs are influenced by henna and the traditional henna patterns. Available products include necklaces, rings, key chains, earrings, and open-ended greeting cards. This includes custom orders.

“I've always loved to draw ever since I was little. Putting together necklaces came about unexpectedly- I just had an urge to create. A few years ago, I ordered some necklace supplies and began experimenting. I was drawing lots of henna inspired designs at the time, and that's what I ended up drawing for the pendant necklaces. After about a year of making necklaces as gifts, my friends encouraged me to sell them online.” Quote Julia Toussaint.

Coupon code CUSTOM20 for 20% off purchase