Sunday, 30 June 2013

new jewellery creations for my store

my newest creations are clay jewellery that i hand moulded from air dry clay and hand painted. i was inspired by a trip to the museum and was looking at prehistoric jewellery. i wanted to incorporate the prehistoric materials that they used to make jewellery and combine it with silver for a contemporary look. i love that fashion is about re using the old and the fashion evolving into something new. if you ar interested in buying some jewllery you can visit my shop for custom made jewellery & clothing.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

 hair of the day 60's inspired bouffant.

barrym nail paint in blue grape
overall the nail polish was good pigmentation but it chipped easily.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

fashion shoot me clothing range

i did some more photos with another model. r=these are not new designs i've just updated the photos!
what do you think?

i did hair and make up.

all clothes are available on my etsy store.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

me clothing range photo-shoot

hey all of you! these are some photos of my newest photo-shoot of my new clothing for my online store M.E clothing range, this is my summer collection and in the upcoming weeks i'll be making more clothing & jewellery for the store! and finding more models. the model in these photos is Vanessa Bird. 

i post every tuesday, thursday And saturday or sundays.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

maybelline eyeshadow duo review

today is review thursday 

price: £3 
can be purchased at your local drugstore such as superdrug or boots.
pros of the product are that it blends so easily. it has a silky texture when applied and the sliver colour is very nice, its almost like a glitter or a shimmer great for the inner corners of the eye or as highlight.

cons: it's not long lasting even with primer it wears away quickly. the packaging feels cheap like it will break easily. also the purple colour is very powdery and not well pigmented. 

overal it gets 3/5 it's okay product affordable and at least one colour is good quality. 

Graduate Fashion Week London

as you know i am a fashion design student so i got free tickets from my uni to attend graduate fashion week. it was really good i felt really inspired and i can't wait til its my turn in two years time.
i did a vlog video about the event it was amazing! the designs, cut and construction and most of all the portfolios! now i know what standard i need to work at.

also sorry about my irregular post on youtube and here on blogger. i am gong to be posting more regularly here and on youtube.  you often get lots of blog posts/ videos al at once then i disappear for a week or so. thats not a good routine so im going to have some more structure to my upload routine.

Youtube video schedule
Mondays: reviews or make up tutorial

Wednesdays lookbook or DIY fashion

Fridays Hair tutorial or Haul or vlog/ chat 

Blog  schedule

Makeup Tip or lifestyle blog

OOTD OR review

Saturdays  or Sundays
DIY fashion or about my newest project

with this new routine you will receive a post from me every day either on blogspot or youtube. look forwards to my new posts and please tune in! 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

garnier skin naturals light daily moisturiser spf 15 review

 this cream was purchased at 99p store and is a very good brand. the cream promises clarify and smooth skin also moisturise, protect skin from sun and harmful UVA & UVB rays. and helps prevent dark spots.
 the cream has a pearly white colour and thick milky consistency.

 it has a skin chart to show how much lighter the dark spots could fade to. contains spf 15
 when i tested this cream i liked the light perfumed scent it had. i've used this cream and i think it has helped to protect my face and slightly fade dark spot scars on my face. but its not very effective at completely removing the dark spots. 

 when i placed it on my skin it felt drying, not very moisturising. would be good for oily skin. when i rubbed in the cream it changed to a light blue colour because of the sun block in it. the blue fades away after it sinks into the skin. 

this is the final result of how my skin looked after using the cream. so over all i would give the cream a 3 out of 5 because i liked the results however i wouldn't buy it again because of how drying it is on the skin. if the cream was more moisturising then i would have given it a 4 out of 5 but it's so drying i need to apply a second moisturiser after using this.