about chantelle

How did you get into fashion?

Fashion has always been an interest for me. I’ve always designed. I went to Mirjam Rouden textile design studio as my first textile print experience at aged 16 as part of interning. I got experience in screen printing & digital textile design , whilst studying textile A- level and photography A- level. I then went on to turning my handmade jewelry & clothing hobby into a business. often used to get involved in sewing and creating fashion designs sketching/designs etc. 
I am a fashion deisigner and I graduated with a BA (Hons) in fashion

I’m also interested in fashion Styling, Casting Models, PR, Blogging, YouTube working on photo-shoots.

How Did you get into make up?

I really loved watching beauty gurus on youtube and i quickly fell in love with the beauty side of youtube. i read lots of make up books like the book "make up is art" by AOFM pro. i learned techniques form watching videos and reading books using my experimentation and imagination to create make up i enjoy. i started off by doing makeup tutorials on myself, i also did make up on friends for birthdays and events. I also volunteer to do make up for photoshoots for free to build up my portfolio and experience. 

What is your favourite foundation?

At the moment it is sleek crème to powder. I have tried most brands and am just never happy because most drugstore brands don’t cater to dark skin. Sleek foundation is easy to use and non cakey.
What is your star sign ?

What kind of movies are you into ?

A wide variety of movies. My three all time favourites are love at first hiccup, the perks of being a wallflower and the good dick. I am pretty much a sucker for anything to do with indie love films.

Are you into Cooking ?

I just love cooking, but I love eating more. My signature dish is vegtable lasagna. I would seduce you with my lasagna. 

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  1. You can cook for me anytime Chantelle! I don't know how to cook but I love to eat!:)