Saturday, 31 August 2013

jewellery giveaway!

To thank my readers for their support with the blog I thought it was time to give something back, so I decided to host my first jewellery giveaway.
this is a hand moulded clay necklace from my etsy shop worth £10
So, how can you be in with a chance to WIN? Well, it really is simple and I can assure you it will not take long at all…
How to enter:
1. Click here to like the me clothing range facebook page (if you haven’t already)
2. Click on the competition link here  and share the competition on you facebook wall with your family friends.
3. Once you have done that on the original competition photo, please comment with “ enter me ”

Bonus entries:
1. follow me on twitter, @chantellefash 
2. tweet @chantellefash enter me win necklace #jewellerygiveaway 
1. Follow me, on blogger  comment enter me under this post  
Each entry will put your name in the draw once, so if you enter via all three social networks, this will triple your chance of winning!
Entry deadline is 5pm on 26th september, so you have plenty of time to get sharing the competition and get family and friends involved too.
Oh, and lastly, please remember to comment on the original photo on Facebook with “enter me ”  or your other entry wont be counted and you MUST still be following me on the deadline date.
Good luck everyone! open world wide 

Lots of love,

Thursday, 29 August 2013

etsy shop of the week TheTurquoiseForest

the turquoise forest is a fun quirky jewellery store on etsy, this shop caught my eye because of the fun bright tribal designs and crisp photography. the owner Angela Lee has had a passion for jewellery making for 10 years. her designs are vibrant and colourful her work is true art! that you can wear.
the turquoise forest is my favourite etsy store of the week! i love finding new designers so i'm always on the look out for interesting designers.

check out this jewellery at 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

new fashion shoot for my new etsy collection

on the 22nd of august i collaborated a fashion shoot with 3 models with model mayhem and a jewellery designer jakie , MUA and a photographer. in a small studio in stratford the fashion shoot for my new collection on my etsy shop.
a new red circle skirt, new black circle skirt, bow top and lots more pieces from my collections.  

 here Danielle the model is getting her make up done for the first look.
 the photoshoot was really great the models portrayed the mood. the shoot was 6 hours long.

 the end of the shoot all 3 models modelled together with the designer jewellery for the last half hour.
some of the final images for my etsy shop. so what do you think do you like?

are you a model? if you are a model interested in being in one of my shoots just email me at with some pictures of your portfolio and we could arrange shoot for my next collection. 

by chantelle taylor 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

final photos from photoshoot

these are some of the final photos from last weeks photoshoot! photography by Amanda Clarke.
you can read all about the photoshoot day in my previous posts. theses photo are of my handmade clothing both tops and skirt made by me chantelle taylor a budding designer. also all clothes are available for purchase at my etsy shop or on my main website at

Thursday, 22 August 2013

new designs for me clothing range

the circle skirt is an elegant and classic piece for the wardrobe of every woman and all women should have one as it flatters many body shapes.

these are three new skirts I'm adding to my clothing collection. made to order and made to your exact shape and size of your body. circle skirt with a signature ribbon hem. soon these skirts will be in a photoshoot then will be available for purchase on my etsy shop or my main website at the price from £33

so do you like the newest collation?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

outfit of the day 20th august 2013 handmade denim skirt

top: vintage store £20
skirt : handmade up-cycled from jeans 
shoes: new look £23

styled outfit by chantelle taylor

fashion can be found within the mind and within the thoughts, live, breath and dream fashion.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

photoshoot of me clothing range tops for etsy store

today i styled the photo shoot for me clothing range, we worked in a studio in north london with model jiahan cai,  also collaborated with photographer Amanda  and also Make Up Artist Yasmina Kay theres links to all of there websites if you want to see there portfolios. 

the model was great she had all the right poses and was very natural and i thought it complimented the outfits well. the photo shoot was fun and playful it was calm and relaxed. we played with props and composition, the finished photos will be on site in a few weeks.
here the model is getting her make up done by yasmina the MUA she is doing a neutral eye and bold red lip. the model is wearing my floral baby doll top and the white bow skirt from my clothing line.

overall the shoot was a success if you want to see where you can purchase my designs at
also look out for more insider peeks at behind the scene photoshoot as i have more clothing to photograph.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

DIY summer bangle eco friendly fashion

 first you need to cut satan into strips of long fabrics.

 next cut the tube to the size you would like your bracelet to be.

 then cut this in half. then start yo glue and wrap material around until tube covered.

 and your done know you have an adorable bangle thats eco friendly and recycled