Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Song Of The Seam Designer Feature Interview

 Hi everyone! i really love looking at handmade designers i have deep appreciation for their talented work! today i have here an interview with Melanie the owner of Song Of The Seam.

what inspires your designs?

A real mix of things, its very random. Fabric, embellishments, even the stitch types on my sewing machine will give me an idea for something and Ill just run with it and see where it ends up.

how did you start designing did you go to school?

No, I literally just decided one day that I wanted to learn to sew, bought a sewing machine and started to make things! Once I had learnt the basics of sewing I began to experiment with putting my own designs together and things just progressed from there. Now I sell my products online and also do some freelance work writing tutorials for sewing and craft magazines. 

do you have any advice for anyone thinking ongoing into the same field of work?

No matter what you make, there are a lot of aspects to selling well online and making an attractive product is only one part of being successful. You have to be willing to learn (and continue to improve) other skills, such as product photography, how to use SEO to get your items found and how to effectively use social media. The great thing about selling online though is that its easy to start small and work your way up from there. Most often dont need a massive overhead to get started and the day to day running costs are quite small.

Where do you see your online shop in five years?

At the moment I sell on multiple online platforms which is all a bit higgledy piggledy. Ive just launched my own website at so in five years Id like my website to be the main hub of my online activity. Im currently working on a new blog to give visitors a peek behind the scenes in the day to day life of my workroom which is really exciting!

tell me about you shop?

I started selling online in 2011 with just a handful of products and really no clue what I was doing beyond the very basics. Things have changed a lot since then as Ive found my feet and really started to develop my own style and direction. Earlier this year I changed the name of my shop to Song of the Seam which, in a roundabout way, was inspired by the Thomas Hood poem The Song of the Shirt. I would describe my shop as a rather eclectic mix of colourful accessories and decor.  

 What is your design process?

Its a very informal process. I prefer to work things out as I go rather than designing something in full, on paper before I start. Usually it starts with an idea then I sit at the sewing machine with some fabric and start putting it together and making notes as I go. New designs are often born from old ones, in that I think about ways of adapting things to turn them into items with different uses.

shop website:

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

vintage inspired fashion designer interview etsy & folksey blog feature

Hey everyone! 
Today i have a brilliant interview with Anna a 23 year old graduate and the owner of Billy Dude which she has just recently launched. The brand Billydude is a vintage inspired clothing brand. Anna has always had a soft spot for anything vintage, Anna also has always been an interested in sewing and with help from her mum have been sewing her whole life. Billydudeclothing are also going to be selling on vintage selling platform that is opening soon - Dressboom

what got you interested in design where did it begin?
I have always been an interested in sewing and with help from my mum have been sewing my whole life. I also have always had a love for vintage fashion. I decided that with my love for design, fashion and sewing that studying fashion at university was next step. That was where I learnt to make my own patterns meaning that I could transform a drawing or design into a garment. As at university I made the transition from sewing for fun to sewing to a professional level which elevated the quality and creativity of my garments.

was it difficult to start your shop ?
It was relatively easy to set up both my etsy and folksy shops. I think the hard work comes once you have set up your shop and you are trying to get your work seen on the Internet as its such a big marketplace and as a small business it is difficult to get seen through search engines such as google. Although making sure your titles/tags are the best they can and networking goes someway in getting you seen.  I also try to be proactive in getting my work out there by going to vintage fairs throughout suffolk and norfolk and handing out flyer's for my online shops.

I am going be at the following fairs in the near future;
Northgate High school craft and gift fair (ipswich, suffolk) - 18th October 10-4
Farlingaye high school craft fair (woodbridge, suffolk) - 25th October 10-4
Secret vintage fair - details to be announced.

do you have any advice for anyone thinking ongoing into the same field of work?

It takes a lot of hard work and you have to be prepared for that. You have to be able to take criticism from your peers, tutors and the public as what you see as the best design you have ever done they might see as something that their gran would wear. I usually design a select amount of garments and then take it to a focus group and ask for opinions on everything from fabric choice to whether it is something they would buy.

did you go to school to learn to design? if not why?
I studied fashion at the University of Lincoln, where I improved upon the skills I already had established through home sewing and high school textiles classes.

During my time at university I also completed a placement in the industry, exhibited at graduate fashion week and gained experience of fashion shows as I volunteered to be a dresser at our in-house fashion shows at the university.

After finishing university, I have been doing freelance work for other newly established companies, I have made on-off made to measure garments as well as small production runs of garments.

what inspires your work?
I find inspiration from a variety of sources, as my clothing label is inspired by vintage fashion I look at the past for inspiration, I often take inspiration from Hollywood movies, vintage hairstyles, pictures from the era. I also quite often look at vintage paper patterns as I have quite the collection!

I also look at current trends both from the catwalk and the high-street, and incorporate one or two trends into my collections.  I am also often inspired by fabrics and will design around fabrics that I have bought.

how long does the whole design process take?

It depends on the kind of garments I am creating and how complex the patterns and sewing of them are. I do try to design the garment on paper first, but once you get to pattern making and sampling of the actual garments, the garments do sometimes evolve into something else entirely and most of the time for the better!
Twitter @Billy_dude
Instragram Billy__dude

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Ankara/African Trousers outfit


hello everyone! 
I designed my very own Ankara/ African Trousers and I have a video on youtube guiding you though the process of making your own trousers.
There is nothing like a print, particularly if you desire to be both spontaneous and sophisticated at the same time. Prints are always stylish, in particular I’ve been loving the African print! People who wear African prints and typically wear them and look like a style expert, and are extremely eye-catching. I wore my African printed trousers with a white shirt to look professional and balance out the colour. 

again these photos were taken in the beautiful streets of bricklane!
I worked with an amazing photographer the photography is by Julia Tillbert