Thursday, 31 March 2011

new skirt i made

this is the skirt that i sold.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

my art work A-level art

this is a drawing of a pot wraped in cloth to repersent mystory.

this is a unfinished sketch of a glass bottle with a bead necklace coming out of it

this is a ghost drawing of a cup i tried to make it look like a ghost by overlapping the drawing with another cup drawing on top.

this is a mystory drawing of a knife and purse because it makes you wonder why this woman has a knife and who wil shw kill? a ex-husband maybe?
this is an absract shift painting of a jug i used lots of brush marks.
this is a close up drawing of leaves.
this is a absract shift drawing of a diffrent jug i used lots of diffrent mark making
this drawing is another object wrapped in fabric and drawn.

take a look at my art this is some photographs of my A-level art sketch book i felt like show you guys some of my drawings and paintings so what do you think about my art? some are absract some are realistisc.