Wednesday, 30 January 2013

long hair classic side braid updo

today i created a updo for long hair, well really could you do this on short hait too, i also do this hairstyle on my own head. i think it looks better on longer lengths of hair becuse the bun looks more voluminous thats why i got my friend to model this hairstyle for me. this hair is quick easy to do and can me achived with 1 comb , 1 hair tie and a hair clip.  this is a protective style its good for the winter months and can be done on short to long hair. it keeps the ends of the hair protected from the wind, rain & cold so the ends of the haid do not get dry or damages by the weather. the ends of the hair is tucked in and protected.

 if you wanted to do this style on short hair you would follow the same steps in the video but when you fold the hair into its self you could not bun it and just flip the ends though. and if you have really long hair like waist length or longer you follow the steps in the video but the when you fold the hair thougth just bun the hair two times.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Kringle candle company review

i really loved these candles the scent of the is very strong and fill up a room!