Saturday, 28 September 2013

make up of the day

products used
maybelline age rewind foundation
sleek luminous powder
barry m lipstick
elf eyeliner 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

cream and blue

top - primark
jumper market
bangels market
bracelet newlook
jeans ebay

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

etsy shop feature of the week dalystudios

Hey everyone today’s feature is on a handmade jewelry shop called dalystudios created by Christine Daly. The reason I love this shop so much is because of the natural, environmental and unique look of all the jewelry pieces. Christine creates her jewelry pieces from a combination of stones, beads, leather, shells, bone and wire. This unique arrangement of materials gives the pieces an exceptionally remarkable designs.  

“I have been making things, drawing things, growing things and designing things all my life. When I see something beautiful, I simply erupt with the need to describe it in some way. It's not a conscious decision. It just happens. Painting and drawing have always been my primary modes of expression (and livelihood) but recently I began making jewelry.” Quote Christine Daly  

visit this beautiful shop here

Saturday, 21 September 2013

LBD outfit

dress - topshop
belt pound land
shawl - market 
necklace- market 
earrings - etsy TwinklePinkJewelry

This is the outfit i wore on my fist day back to uni, its a casual little black dress that i styled up with accent pieces.  

Thursday, 19 September 2013

all layered up

dress - H&M
top - Primark 
scarf - charity 
shoes  - market 
coat - ebay
ring -

Today was a cold day its the start of winter and colder days. So today i wore a layered up outfit to keep me warm, but also playing with prints and textures to keep the layering interesting and fashionable. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

etsy feature of the week tree craft diary

Hey everyone! 
Today is an etsy shop feature, I just love featuring and supporting other etsy shops as I also own an etsy shop and have a love for handmade pieces. This feature is on the tree craft diary a handmade jewelry shop created by Cindy. The owner of tree craft diary, Cindy has always been creative from a young age so jewelry making came naturally to her.

I always love art and craft since I was a young girl. I did scrap booking, cross stitching, felting, doing a little bit of this and that until I finally decided that making accessories is my thing.” Quote Cindy.

Cindy was born in Jakarta-Indonesia, graduated in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia, majored in industrial design.  She worked as a product designer then returned home, to pursue her passion making handmade jewelry. This is when she started her etsy shop. This is her passion and she gains great happiness when creating each jewelry design. Cindy’s designs are very natural and fashion forward.

“By utilizing one of the earth materials – natural gemstone, Tree Craft Diary embraces the fusion of fashion and nature, thus, emphasizes their natural characteristics and creatively combines them with current trend in the world of fashion.” Quote Cindy.

To view Cindy’s shop click here you can find many unique, fun and inspirational product accessories including pendant and statement necklaces, bracelets, rings and even jewelry accessories for men. 


Saturday, 14 September 2013

new look refuel fashion week 13th september 2013

The new look fashion week refuel was on the the 13th september in the Waldorf Hilton Hotel 
in Aldwych London. it was hectic day and the weather was crazy. But i got to chill out, eat nibbles and drink champagne in the room most of the day with beauty/ fashion bloggers and youtubers. When i first arrived i was blown away by how beautiful the building was exterior and interior. At the new look Refuel room they were giving the bloggers and youtubers free hand massages, make up artists so you could get your make up touched up also eyelash extensions and manicures for all guests of the event. I got a relaxing hand massage you don't realise how much tension you have in your arms until you have a massage. Soon after I had my make up done by the make up artist a smokey eye. Towards the end of the day i had met many nice people. Then i was lucky enough to get a pass the London fashion week show so i went to see a very minimalistic chic catwalk show for upcoming designers.  

Thursday, 12 September 2013

my design work

this is the final out come of my design work, the designs was based around layers and how i could convey this though fabric manipulation.  i decided to use the layers as a detail on the garment around the neckline keeping the silhouette simple but contemporary.
this garment is available for purchase on my etsy shop.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

etsy featured shop of the week TerahClassyCreations

click here to visit TerahClassyCreations 

TerahClassyCreations is an etsy shop created by Terah who has been beading for 20 years. She creates handmade intricate detailed beaded and wire design jewellery. Also beautifully knitted light weight scarfs.  she takes inspiration from textiles and plants to design these beautiful pieces.  the price range of her pieces ranges from as affordable as £7 up to £623 for her handmade one of a kind pieces, worth investing in.  here work is amazing wearable art.
if you want to view her store click here 

"It's exhilarating to design and fashion wearable art! Inspiration comes from vibrant color, and tantalizing texture in just about anything from the intricacy found in plants, patterning of fabrics, art papers, and other textiles, but mostly the beads or fibers themselves. " quoted for Terah's about page on etsy.

i love finding new etsy shops you have and etsy shop you would like to feature please message me here