Friday, 26 April 2013

new lookbook video spring

check out my lookbook were i combine different colours and patterns for a sophisticated easy going look. help me reach 4k subscribers im at 3922 subscribers please subscribe to me

Thursday, 25 April 2013

outfit of the day

wearing my handmade poncho from my online clothing store. this is how i style it.

Friday, 19 April 2013

10% OFF ME clothing range

i featured some of my pieces in this lookbook! £8 minim spend for discount.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

summer & spring clothing haul

MUA nail polish review

 i purchased this from superdrug, i also own some of there older £1 range nail polish collection. in the new £1 range nail polish the packaging had improved since the old one, this new one looks and feels more expensive it doesn't look like a cheap product like the old packaging it felt flimsy. the best part is that the price is still affordable! it only costs £1! value for money.

the nail polish i got was in lush lilac it's such a pretty colour. to be honest the only thing i think they changed about the product is the packaging the formula is the same and hasn't improved sadly. it has a very watered down consistency not very thick. it applies patchy if you apply 1 coat, you need to apply 2-3 coats to get a nice pigmentation. i think the product is okay not the best quality but i think its good for £1, it good for teens and young adults that may not have alot to spend in more expensive drugstore or high end nail polish. a basic essential for people at an affordable price so i give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

photoshoot for new items on my store & new designs me clothing range

 so these are new designs for me clothing range and i was looking at the idea of feminine and edgy combined for a striking look. i wanted a s simple colour palette and interesting silhouettes.
 this top is poofy at the front and pointy in the back really hot crop top, edgy but feminine.
 this next top is a cropped v neck jacket made with faux leather. with big sleeves for an interesting look.
 the next look is very toned down and feminine loose and flowing the perfect look for summer.

 then i created a leather chains and studs necklace for that edgy biker chick look to toughen up the girly top. i always love combining feminine pieces with rocker edgy pieces and it just give it a new fresh look.
 I've been doing  some more designs i really love the idea of leather, studs and chiffon. and the combination of edgy and girly styles.  took inspiration from the rocker looks and girly looks.
so what do you you think? do you like it ? would you wear it? would you buy it?

ancient Greece inspired hairstyle protective updo for short hair

my inspiration was a ancient Greece statue 
 my look was an easy quick style for people with short hair.

the earring worn in the photos are from my handmade jewellery online store

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

HAUL !!!!!!!!!! beautylisous

 so i saw this amazing nail art kit in superdrug and i had to get it! it's the new look for summer! i got this for my future 4000 subscriber giveaway on youtube, as im getting closer to 4000 so im collecting prizes.
 i also got a new make up bag with roses on it, its small for my handbag so i can take it with me on the go i got this from poundland for only £1. very affordable. these are some of the things i keep in my on the go  make up bag.
 i purchased these two very sweet smelling body washes from wilko, sweet vanilla honey & blackberry very summery scents im getting ready for the summer time. i got 2 for £1.50. i like to buy affordable essentials i don't like to spend 7 or 10 pounds on 1 body wash i like value for money.
 i got these beads to top up on my bead supplies im making lots of beaded jewellery for my handmade online jewellery & clothing store! i love beaded jewellery for spring & summer time.
 i als found this daily moisturiser in the 99p store. bargain! its moisturiser with SPF 15 and prevents dark spots this is great for the summer because it protects the face from sun damage! i will be reviewing this product soon.

 i purchased this conditioner i was looking for a really nice moisturising conditioner so im giving this a try. it's organic root stimulator brand i usually like there products so i should like this! £8.49
 this is a mud mask i got from superdrug it is a deep cleasing mask, i need this for my skin i will be reviewing this soon.
 i need a new mascara i found this also in the 99p store i was thrilled because the original price was £4.
this a new little clutch bag in my store! its leather with star studs on it.

a full spring look nails, makeup & fashion

 how hot are red lips?
 cheetah print in spring colours! so cute!!!

 red sexy lips!