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to contact me for any events or business enquires contact me at

I am PR approachable so if you want to send me whatever, I will be pleased to review it, so long as it corresponds with the topics of my blog which is beauty, fashion and lifestyle! Correspondingly I am constantly up for going to events, so if you want to invite me to an event, be free to email, I always attend them! 

my average views and demographic so this is how many people you can expect to see your product if i do a review.

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 My only necessity is that the merchandise and feature be fashion or beauty related as my blog is about fashion and beauty. If you would like your product or site included in this weekly feature, you have a couple of options.  Just email tell me what your interested in.

Product feature Just email with all of your relevant information and I will include it in the post. I will just copy and edit whatever you write and include this in the post. You could add a discount code if you would like. standard price £20 i accept payment though pay pal

Review - if you would like me to write the post and really review your product I would love to consider this possibility with you. The product would need to be provided and shipped to me by you. Reviews will include links to your site, and actual photographs of the product in use. Reviews are favorable because it helps readers conclude if the product is essentially worth purchasing - as it come from first hand experience. standard price £10

Review and giveaway This is the option that will bring the most coverage to your site.  If you would like a review and giveaway of your product. You will need 2 separate products would be required - 1 for the review and 1 for the giveaway. Note that you will be responsible for fulfillment and shipping of the giveaway prize after the giveaway ends. Giveaways are a great way to build your social media platforms as they give readers an incentive to complete the extra entries (i.e. like an etsy page, follow you, heart an item, etc). standard price £10

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