Thursday, 28 March 2013

kelly rowland kiss down low inspired look

i had fun recreating this look! i really loved the video! and the song he he the song makes me laugh and you know why? the lyrics are just so naughty he he! 

do you like the look?

watch the video here!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

DIY cassette tape necklace retro chic

this is an DIY cassette tape necklace i made! this a great way to show people you love music and the cassette tape is very iconic so it makes a bold statement. you can decorate it how ever you want its up to you.  

 my make up pink,gold & blue tutorial soon to come

Thursday, 21 March 2013

my handmade jewellery & etsy store

i did a video on my random vlog channel on how i photograph my handmade jewellery.

 my etsy shop

the new spring/ summer earring collection! ive been working on these designs for some time now and i've finally created a few of them. i still have alot more to create but these are the first  of spring summer 2013! these particular earrings are made to order so can be customised to the customers choice. please enjoy my new collection.

so do you like them? i will be posting them on the site sometime this week.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

the studded spike bra

now i saw some really cool images over the net with outfits and studded bras and it looked awesome!
 i love how the outfits slightly reveal the spiked bra and in this outfit it gives this soft feminine look a hard edgy feel. love how this statement piece has been used as juxtaposition.

 i just love these looks how it's slightly shown and it looks amazing! so from being inspired by these outfits i had to get my very own spiked studded bra it just looked so cool! i got mine from eBay.
 i shreded a thrifted rock band t-shirt laddered and wove it up the front into  a low v so i could show the a little part of the bra and i love the effect it has! soon i'll be doing a DIY fashion video on my channel on how to style a statement piece like this.
 i purchased it from this seller 

what do think? would you wear it?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

i blinged my laptop case & camera

 so i got a new laptop and i didn't want it to get chipped up like my old one did get scratches and marks. so i decided to buy a laptop case i was searching for a binged out case for laptops and i couldn't really find any designs for it. only boring coloured cases, so i decided to order a case and decorate it my self. bling it out yeah! so got some rhinestones from the works for 99p! so cheap.

 i was getting really happy when the design was coming along!

 the finished case! what do you think? would you buy some if i started making them for laptops and selling it on my store?
 you know as well as i do i couldn't stop there, i had to bling out this! i was inspired by japan so cute!

do you like it?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

DIY fashion♡ corset t-shirt no sew re size reconstruction

this is my DIY corseted side t shirt, its a easy DIY project

i was inspired by these images i saw these and i started to think of ways i could create it.

here is the DIY video if you wanna see how it was made.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Make up contest & giveaway spring make up or outfit

im having a make up giveaway on youtube to thank you all for subscribing!