Monday, 21 June 2010

confessions of a ugly girl

i've been shopping, hee hee how can a broke girl shop? beg mummy for money (yess i know sad). well what i've been up to latly is finding and making cute clothes im going to add two new cute top to my clothing store once i have finnished making them.

i went a little crazy with my nails painted each nail a diffrent colour ten colurs for 10 fingers.

look at these two pictures below before photoshop and after photoshop.

See, I don't deny that I was born ugly.Then we come to the make up bit.
Please understand. What if you are born ugly, BUT, you are blessed with a skill? A skill so valuable With the skill, you can make yourself look better with make up and photoshop. With the two, you can feel more confident of yourself, and make others view you in a better light as well. Miraculously, you can have the opposite sex's attention, without even doing plastic surgery on urself.

you can fake it with make up in the pictures above i have faked bigger and brighter eyes with makeup if you saw me in real life my eye wouldn't look that pretty. then i have removed blemishes and my bad skin with photoshop, now don't get me wrong im not vein im actually far from it i have low self esteem in the real world but on the Internet i can fake it a be "the perfect girl" a "pretty girl" this is the image i want to portray to my YouTube viewers. but actual i thunk im so ugly. but when i show these pictures on YouTube and i get so many comment telling me im pretty this makes me happy! because it give me confidence. this is why i fake my picture im not trying to desive anyone what wrong with using a little photoshop to change your image celebrity's do it all the time.

Having a choice between being all natural but ugly, and made-up but beautiful, I choose the latter. There is nothing wrong with my decision at all. If you are feeling pissed that some people did not manage to see through the make-up and photoshop and decided that I am a natural beauty, well, its their stupidity and there is nothing you can do about it

Thursday, 17 June 2010

england nail tutorial

this is a nail art tutorial insipered by the world cup. i had so much fun creating this! my first nail tutorial. all week i have been playing around with diffrent nail designs.
i've been testing out my new camera and i was doing some photography in my garden i took a photo of a rose and the quality is stunning i love it! im really into taking photos of flowers and nature.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

harajuku decora style fashion

this is my video on harajuku decora style i was quickly fascinated by the the style! this is my take on this style i might design and make an outfit dedicated to harajuku style.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

new camera

yay to day i got a new camera woooh! the GE j1250 i can't wait to do videos and pictures with this 12 mega pixel camera! it has Pan-Capture Panorama
Wide-view photos are produced by panning the camera across
to create a seamless panoramic picture.
Face Detection
Face Detection automatically focuses and optimizes exposure
for sharp, brilliant pictures.
Auto Scene Detection
Automatically determines the appropriate scene type and optimizes exposure for sharp, vibrant pictures. Image Stabilization
Overcomes camera shake to help you take clearer, sharper
Blink Detection
Blink Detection alerts you if a subject’s eyes were closed so you
can immediately retake the picture. In-Camera Red-Eye Removal
Remove red-eye immediately while viewing images on the LCD.
Smile Detection
The shutter automatically releases when the smile appears so
you can capture smiles the moment they happen.