Tuesday, 29 October 2013

etsy shop feature of the week Kreativprodukte

hey everyone! today is another etsy feature about a wonderful jewellery shop. 
Kreativproduckte is owned by Barbara age 26, who lives in austria (next to vienna).

"my day job i´m a chemist, so there´s a lot of technical stuff around me all day and even though i love science i need getaways and this is where crafting comes in.
i have been doing this and that all my life, my mother crafted a lot with me when i was young, in a summer holiday i learned how to make friendship bracelets and at some point i developed a love for the seed beads. last but not least i took up painting.
my business:
even though i have always been a crafter i always just made a little something here and a little something there and everything i did not use myself turned into presents for others. about a year ago i got serious about crafting and i came to a point when i had so many things lying around and all my relatives and friends were gifted with my creations that i decided to open up an etsy shop and share my creations with the whole world
favourite thing to make??
i cannot say, one day i enjoy macrame, the next it´s kumihimo and on the third i love sitting in my room and paint. whatever i feel like and i feel like doing something pretty much every day as just cannot sit on the couch watching tv without doing something productive.
my products:
i think my products are unique because even though i look around the internet a lot (i just love pinterest and its tutorials) and am a big fan of tutorials i always try to change what´s shown around a bit so it gets a unique twist that noone else has and thereby make it my own creation."
quoted from Barbara 

to visit Kreativprodukte click here https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Kreativprodukte

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