Sunday, 11 March 2012

hair journey

ok so this is kinda gonna be a sorta hair diary. ok i don't think that sentence made sense but bare with me its 1am and i im tired, i had a sudden inspiration to document my hair growth journey. lol. anyway so in the photo above is to pictures side by side documenting my growth between dec 2008 - october 2010. so i started my hair jorney in 2008 not really know what to do to make my hair grow i followed the hair forms and people on youtube, i also researched the web for hair growth tips. with this amount of overwhelming information about hair some  of it was wrong and some was useful but i didn't know what was was right and what was wrong so i just did everything to my hair aimlessly a hit and miss so thats why it took me two years to get from earlength to shoulder length its progress either way but hair grows 1/2 an inch every month so i should have really had 12 inches of growth instead of  4 1/2 inches in 2 years also being stupid i forgot to document what worked for my hair and what didn't so im going to keep a blog update for this journey. i didn't grow my hair to the fullest potential. when i saw the lack of growth i had i gave up my hair journey i became lazy with my regimine and regressed back to clip in exstentions and slowly and surly my hair was hurting. i stoped taking regular hair pictures during this time because it wasn't looking good.
so this is august 2011 my hair was thes same length and the ends were thiner  so i started to care for my hair again but then i got lazy once again and stoped because it was too much effort.
so then last month febuary 2012 i decided to start up my hair jorney again and this time no more lazyness!!!!! im going to document what woked for my hair and what dosent on this blog and make little update so i can track my progess. so my origanal goal was bra stap length and it still is but my mini goal is arm pit length hair i just need to get over the shoulder length hump. starting with my regimin. so i am taking my old regimin that took me from neck lenth to shoulder length and changing it up a bit because i know my hair like new things now. i also need to get into the healthy practice of triming/ dusting my hair i always say im gonna do it but then i end up not doing it.

so my old regimin was
my regimin was deep conditon once a week with ors mayonsie conditioner or herbal essencese.

i conditioner washed my hair 2 x a week with vo5 or herbal essnceses

i henna my hair once a month this strengths the hair and promotes growth.

used a hot oil treatment once a month

moisturised my hair daily with s-curl

when i first used henna i had alot of growth thickness when i got lazy i stoped doing my henna and i think that was the main thing that contributed to my hair loss and thining.

my new regimen is
Pre-Poo 1x a week with coconut oil

 Deep Condition 2x a week with organics olive oil "Deep Conditioner" or Aussie "3 Minute Miracle luscious long Deep Conditioner"

Co-Wash when needed I use vo5 moisture rich

Leave in vo5 strengthening leave in

Moisturisers every night with S-Curl Activator and my oil mix (olive oil, coconut oil, Castor oil)

Protein every 3 weeks with Aphogee 2 minuet, Henna, mazuri olive oil or Ors hair mayo

Clarify every 4 weeks organic root stimulator creamy aloe shampoo

Relaxer every 4 months

so i have kept somethings that worked for my hair in my new regimen and i have removed some.

i hope to keep this journey up and i hope to keep Strong and keep going until i reach my min goal apl.