Sunday, 28 June 2015

10 facts about me

  1. I am a fashion designer and Graduated from UCA with a BA (Hons) in Fashion.
  2. my star sign is scorpio 
  3.  I can't flirt to save my life! 22 years old never had a boyfriend ha ha!
  4.  I love watching korean dramas some of my favourite dramas are shining inheritance, 49 days, mary stayed out all night and mischievous kiss.
  5.  I am pescetarian and I choose the diet because of my ethics im not fully vegatarian because i don't treat fish on the same moral level as other animals.
  6. I love horror movies! have you seen the hills have eyes 4?
  7. I hate mold!
  8. I'm very shy but I try to over come this by being as out going as I can be.
  9. I want to sky dive Before I die
  10. I would love to hold monkey

what are 10 things about you?

Friday, 26 June 2015

Living Things Press release

Living Things

I am pleased to announce that John Conners is taking a giant leap forward and releasing the adventure book.

After a fantastic season of unparalleled success with the first adventure book elemental, he has decided to take advantage of new opportunities. You will still see your favorite elements of adventure in this new book: Tom Allenby's second incredible adventure in the village of Rooksbourne begins when he discovers that a girl called Ellie appears to share his powers of controlling the elements- but is she a friend or a threat?

For more information, please visit

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Eco-friendly brand Fuschia Coture etsy shop feature

Liliana Chavez Cardona, Eco-friendly brand Fuschia Coture.

Favorite shop KombuchaCouture

Had the opportunity to collaborate with 138Water, actress Kristen Renton, and model Kayla Swift - we were published in a billboard on Hollywood Blvd, this past May.

The logo and name was created around the symbols of my zodiac sign. First, the color name was selected because the flower “Fuchsia triphylla” was discovered and named after the renowned German botanist “‘LEO’nhart Fuchs”, second, Fuchsia was purposely misspelled to “Fuschia” for its most common misspelling in English and Spanish. Third, the crown sitting on top of the letter “F” represents, Leo 7, Kozminsky Symbol: A book, on which a crown rests on a golden throne. "Denotes one who will by his own skill and ability receive and profit by impressions and reach a position which gains him the recognition due to him. To such, perseverance and faith are the essentials, and if he regards the meaning of these two words apart from the words themselves he will crown his labors with success. It is a symbol of Fame."

I promote Eco-friendly, my collections consist of working with bamboo fiber textiles, my goal is to continue to promote Eco-fashion. Researching various Eco-friendly textiles to introduce to my future collections. Currently my collections consist of color blocking and bikinis so I can maximize the usage of all yardage, I leave no room for waste.

Graduate from Academy of Art University in SF, with a master in Fashion Product Development.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

My House Of Holland Inspired Designs Let Them Eat Cake

Final Collection Design Concept:
I chose the brand House of Holland and I chose this brand because of the signature colorful print collections, I want to work with print design in the future and I think this the perfect brand to work with because of its playful and bold approach to design.  I have continued this theme in my concept and the collection will be keeping within the brands aesthetic and key garment types. Because I am designing for a brand that works with print I decided to choose a concept that would nourish my print design ideas. My concept I pop art combined with 90’s grunge fashion and my print inspiration comes from an inspirational photographer called Martin Parr his photography style is comical and strange. 

this is my final graduate collection, I'm graduating in June 2015 with BA (hons) fashion my cake photography that i turned into a print design, if you look closely you can see the abstract cake prints in each garment.  

lable design

Friday, 5 June 2015

3 ways to feel good about your self

 Dress to impress 

Dress for self-assurance. You don't have to buy a whole latest trend wardrobe to feel enhanced in your clothes. As long as you're hygienic, comfy, and feel respectable, you're set up for confidence.

Smile at everyone 

Keep your smile in an easygoing look, you'd be amazed at how even the minutest of smiles can captivate countless people at a social situation and construct happiness to make everyone feel more relaxed.

Remember all the good things 

Consider earlier triumphs in your life. It can be roughly what other people acknowledged, like being the winner in a game, or something smart only you know about, Appreciate how pronounced this was.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Bye Bra review

 hello everyone today i will be reviewing the Bye Bra from they sent me a packet to review. The bye bra works as a replacement bra for if you need a strapless bra. The instructions are very easy to understand, to apply you stick the flower shape over the nipple and use the tape to lift the boob in place for support. they have a informational video on youtube showing how to apply the bra. i think its great because you can cut it down to your size. it fits AA - E cup breasts.

 this is before bye bra the boobs are dropped
 after bye bra the boobs are lifted in place and look perky, this is great for backless tops.

Graduate fashion week Epsom 2015

i went to graduate fashion week in London with my friend, we when to see out university show which is the Epsom show. in my outfit I'm wearing an African print trousers designed and made by me. London in brick lane is a great place to go for fashion and to see street graffiti art.