Friday, 27 July 2012

follow me around

meet shakira mybest  mate

 we went on a boat trip getting out to enjoy the few moments of sun. the view from the boat

 our outfits i was wearing the denim DIY shorts and shakira is wearing black shorts.

 we ate melon on the boat.
the next day we went to the park these are our outfits we wore to the park it was very sunny and warm.

 shakiras sandles are so cute!!!!!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

mini haul

today i got these very cute strawberry earphones so cute i could almost eat them, they are super cheap and cute from poundland.

i got these rollers from the afro carribean hair shop but i think they sell these in most stores just need to look around. the biggest one which is 7 inches cost £4 for six. the medium size one which is 4.5 inches cost £2.50 for a pack of 6 and the smallest which is 1.5 inches  cost £1. 80 for a pack o six so overall i spent £8.30 on these rollers. i've used rollers before but the ones i had used was smooth magnetic rollers so this time i opted  to try the velcro rollers because there easier to use. i loved the result the roleres gave me however i didn't like that there was lots of little broken hairs when i removed the rollers because the velcoro had ripped the hairs out so i didn't like them so much. 

 i love the student cook book yum yum yum!!!! i got it from the works and it has so many yummy simple recipes for students on a budget i recommend you pick one up know before its not in sale any more. it's origanally £10 but at the works its £2.99 bargin! you'll need it for uni!
 i got thes a while back from asda george £18 i think im in love!!!!!! are you in love yet?
and lastly my fave!!! fave! fave! magazine company £2 any shop

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

sephora colourful palette review

 julia kindly sent this to me in our swap! its an amazing eyeshadow palette.
comes with 4 colours and a small application tip

a smokey black with sparkles

this purple is my favourite colour

white highlight

and a cream colour i love this for the inner corners

overall i give this 4/5 i love the pigmentation of each colour i just wished the packaging was more stylish and stronger.

Monday, 23 July 2012

face & hair of the day

using heaven and earth palette as highlight all over the lid

use a coulor that matches your top
sleek sparkle palette

using a dark colour go over it and make it smokey

lastly use a lighter highlight for the inner corners the bridge of the nose and the cupids bow.

add mascara or lashes

i used big rollers to give my hair volume i was going for the big 60's hair with the floral head band around it. i washed my hair then put rollers in and sat under the hooder dryer for about 1 hour and it made it strait with out as much damage as a straitener and more volume than a straitener.

my new favourite magazine

i have never seen this magazine before but im absolutly loving this magazine its very fashion based. i ususually don't buy magazines beacause genrally they just feature the same things youtube / blogs have to offer  and i do't like celeb gossip. however this mag feels diffrent i like how its more fashion based in the comunity it includes and features up and coming beauty/ fashion bloggers and youtubers. i loved finding new blogs! company magazine

Sunday, 22 July 2012

beauty,makeup haul swap with glitterandcarousels

i really loved what grace got me!
i got this amazing hand food its so yummy and it moistrizes hands so well.

 soap and glory hand cream has the same smell as hand food, when i apply it feels so soft and smell like i have perfum on the smell is lingering, i like smells that last.
OMG! i haven't burned this yet but it smells absolutly amazingly tasty!

i used this yesterday i love the smell of bluberries, i applied it after i steamed my face for 20 minuets. when i opened it was purple  and felt very moistrizing, i left it on for 20 mins while i was doing my hair and when i washed my face off my skin felt so soft and i look refreshed.

this is a 17 lipstick in kissable, its a pale pink.

this is elf 2117 cherry tart  luscious liquid lipstick when i applied it i realised its more like a lipgloss than a lipstick.

i was so happy about this models own nail polish never tried this before it's called ibiza mix with lots of diffrent flexs of diffrent coloured sparkles so glamourous!

then lastly this possibility ice cream peppermint lip balm. the consitancey is very creamy and soft to touch it smells of peppermint of course and feels very nice on the my lips.