Tuesday, 1 October 2013

etsy shop of the week feature eternal girl

Hello my lovelies! Todays etsy shop feature is eternal girl a shop with some stunning handmade jewelry pieces, of hand drawn designs. I think that the true beauty of each piece is that they are so exceptional because there hand drawn.  Julia Toussaint is the owner and creator of eternal girl.  The price range is between £2.22  - £8 so the prices are very affordable. Her designs are influenced by henna and the traditional henna patterns. Available products include necklaces, rings, key chains, earrings, and open-ended greeting cards. This includes custom orders.

“I've always loved to draw ever since I was little. Putting together necklaces came about unexpectedly- I just had an urge to create. A few years ago, I ordered some necklace supplies and began experimenting. I was drawing lots of henna inspired designs at the time, and that's what I ended up drawing for the pendant necklaces. After about a year of making necklaces as gifts, my friends encouraged me to sell them online.” Quote Julia Toussaint.

Coupon code CUSTOM20 for 20% off purchase


  1. Thank you so much Chantelle! This feature is wonderful!

  2. Beautiful! :)