Tuesday, 26 February 2013

How i deep condition by adding oil to conditioners & hair update

weather your suffering from damage of have healthy hair deep conditioning is essential for healthy hair, and in this video i show a method of deep conditioning that increases the moisture benifits for the hair.

 deep conditioner should be left on the hair for 15- 20 mins but if its really damaged you can leave it for on for 30 mins with heat. deep conditioning regulary helps with your hair's elasticity will improve because of the emollients and other moisturizing ingredients in the conditioner. by adding oils to the conditioner your helping the hair even more

Monday, 25 February 2013

Smokey purple & bronze make up & mini hair update

 this is a smokey eye i created with the 120 palette i really love the colour of thiis smokey eye.
 i will be having a hair update video soon, in this picture it show 4 months of growth.

if you wanna learn how  i created the smokey eye please watch and subscribe.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

shirt project

 this is the Celine collection i took inspiration from

so I've been working on my very own shirt design i made in fashion design classes and we had to make  a shirt inspired by a brand of our choice. i chose the brand Celine. the brief was simple we we couldn't just copy an existing outfit from the brands range. what we had to do was research who the current designer was who they are inspired by and try and gather inspiration from there .also research the history and design philosophy of the brand.

do you like the design tell me what you think?

Thursday, 21 February 2013

beautycon 2013, haul , vlog giveaway!!!

all the goodie i got from beautycon!
 this tanning kit im giving away so check out the video
 this im also giving away to lucky winner check out the video

 im excited to wear thes lashes they look so glamorous

 ths packaging is so cute for this eyelash curler i love the rose pattern

 the classic red evey girl needs it

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

OPI nail polishes review

 its all greek to me
another favourite colour of mine has amazing pigmentation however chips easily.
 hot & spicy
i love love this colour great for someone who likes to play with colour on the nails & the colour stays on. it doesn't chip off as easily.
 midnght in moscow
very good for a night look, great colour pay off however chips very easily
 funny bunny
a strong white colour it's a great base and i find that it stays on longer than the other polishes
my point exactly
this colour is quite nice neural colour great for someone who likes to play it safe. 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

beauty con 2013!

 i was invited to the beautycon 2013 event were beauty gurus got together planned collaborations and learnt tips from the successful gurus like andreaschoice, kandee johnson, pixiwoo & the fash tag. i thought the event was very good! and i was Happy to be there. i'd also like to say a big thanks to my followers and subscribers because if it wasn't for you guys i wouldn't have the opportunity to go to an event like this. and thanks to my followers i was invited so thank you! and in a up coming video i'll be doing a giveaway of some of the goodies i got from beauty con. getting there was hectic i was 1 hour late because i was lost trying to find the place i used my goggle maps and the navigator on my phone ended up lost in central London walking in heels (ouch!) when i eventually got there i was happy.
 beauty crush was there i loved meeting her (blushes) i was such a fan girl LOL.
 kandee johnson & and andreaschoice even bigger fan girl here! i loved meeting them and learning how they were successful on youtube and there tips.
 some other beauty gurus i made friends with on that day. http://www.youtube.com/user/charltomwintale
what i wore to the after party! yeah! a red dress my leather jacket & my DIY fur coat. if you wanna find out how i made this coat click here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLjbnR7A4Wo

just some of the goodies i got from beauty con but i'll do another post showing you all the things i got because im going to be doing a giveaway soon.
we got a lovely meal even though mine came late and i was hungry they served me last.

kandee was very nice and friendly and she hugged me.
and at the after party i met peaks from the moamnetwork! her hairs amazing!!!!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

DIY accessory faux leather studded clutch bag

in hounor of london fashion week i decided todo some DIY fashion creations.

 my inspiration sketchbook that inspired my creation.
the template for the clutch bag this can be re used for any clutch bag project

Friday, 15 February 2013

DIY fashion faux fur coat vest & new buisness card

 hey, guys so this is my new business card. what do you think?there quite simple because i made it my self, I'm a fashion designer not a graphics designer so simple card will do for now. may be in the future i might get one of my graphic designer friends to design my business card & youtube background in exchange for a custom made design by me. so any way i have ordered them to be printed. i never really had business card before but i've decided to get one because every conference I've been to i never have a business card to hand out to people. so since i have been invited to this upcoming beauty con event i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get one so i can hand out my details to people.
also take a look at my newest DIY video its a fur vest because fur is so luxurious i've been wanting a fur coat for ages ans i made this one at a fraction  of the price.
my inspiration sketchbook, where i got the idea for this DIY creation.
fur looks so elegant and timeless.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

simple clutch bag template

this is a simple clutch bag pattern that i made for you guys to save and print out in A4 size. this pattern is for a small clutch bag and can be used for many projects, i will be uploading a tutorial soon, on how to construct the bag but for now im just uploading the template for you to use. the instuctions are on the pattern. also if you want share this pattern on other websites you can just make sure you credit me for making the pattern.