Thursday, 29 July 2010

hair breakage

The most common treatments for hair breakage are conditioning treatments. There are many moisturizing conditioners, deep conditioners, and reconstructing or protein conditioners on the market today to help with hair breakage. Just this fact shows that you are not alone in your struggle!Using moisturizing conditioners and deep conditioners are pretty simple.

However, I advise you to be careful when using any type of strong reconstructing conditioner on your hair. These formulations can be very strong in protein and could cause more harm than good. In addition to using special conditioning treatments, you should combine this with the utmost hair care.

Special Hair Care
While I say "special" hair care, I mostly mean things that you should already be doing to your hair anyway! If you're suffering from severe hair breakage, you should treat your hair with extra special care. Eliminate heat, eliminate brushing, and reduce manipulation. The less you're messing with your hair, the less opportunity there is for it to break.

Additionally, you should only use a wide-tooth comb on your hair and make sure to detangle with care. If you're treating your hair with conditioners and handling it with special care and still feel that it is not working, cutting off the damage may be your only option.

Cut if Off
You've either made the choice to cut off your damaged hair or the extra treatment is just not working and it's now your only choice. Whatever the reason, cutting off your damaged hair will give you a fresh start.

Sometimes we may only be able to treat it for so long before we are ready to have completely healthy hair again. The good news is that it grows back! And the even better news is that now you know how to take care of your hair better than before!

So do not be discouraged if this is the only option that you have. It is very difficult to stop hair breakage if not impossible. I lived through a year and a half of treating damaged hair and I was relieved when I finally cut it off!

the world of work

im doing my work expierince now at a textile print studio and its so hard, every day i have to screen print the fabrics by hand. Then i had to hand wash fabric for 8 hours!!!!!! because you can't put it in the washing machine after you have printed the fabric because it could ruin the print so you have to hand wash it and carrying buckets of water to wash it. my arms were tired! lol im gonna build some arm musles. then i spent the day ironing, cutting and packaging fabrics. the work is hard but over all im learning how to screen print and diffrent techniques of fabric dyeing.then the manager told me to clean up bird shit!!!! so i had to wipe it up!!!! then she droped some food on the floor ands she was like " get the work expierince girl to clean it up" i was so pissed off but i had to do it. i had to sweep up food that SHE droped herself. i thought i was doing a textile work expirence but i think i was the maid and cleaner.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

tokyo fashion designer miharayasuhiro

designer miharayasuhiro started as a shoe designer, the them for his new womens collection is odyssey it is based on a journey. a journey though human life in various situations. the whole collection is based on that idea. he wanted to portray a image of a human being.designer miharayasuhiro is a great designer.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

how to grow hair faster

Get a little of the massage oil on your fingertips and put them to your scalp and massage your scalp in a circular motion. Do this all over - each time getting additional massage oil. Don't use too much because you don't want to make your hair greasy.

Rosemary Oil
•One other thing you can opt for is to use rosemary oil to make your hair grow more beautiful and shinier.
•It provides better looking hair because it works from the outside and gives a shiny appearance.
•You will also notice that rosemary oil causes your scalp to tingle. This is a good sign in that it is stimulating your hair follicles and circulation which of course, aids in growing hair.
•Pay special attention to this essential oil if you're trying to grow hair fast or increase your regular growth rate.

You can create a perfect combination of oils for your hair by mixing different ratios of the above mentioned remedies.

For example you can use rosemary oil and almond oil at the same time. On one hand almond will perform its strengthening action while on the other hand rosemary will help increase growth rate. In the end you will be left with beautiful hair that is both strong and healthy.

Since there is not much you can do to make your hair grow any faster hair only grow 1/2 inch every month. you can work on making a difference in how much breakage and hair loss you experience on a normal basis. By breakage and hair loss, I am referring to the damage you experience as well as what you do to repair the damage.

For example, if you have split ends, that is a type of damage. Getting a trim to relieve split ends is a form of damage repair. Both of these reduce the amount of hair length that you retain. Thus, limit the damage and reduce the damage repair.

Over time, that will lead to retaining length while at an optimal growth rate.

Growing long hair fast take a huge commitment. Here are a few quick tips for the fastest route to long hair:

•Get a good trim to start.

•Wear your hair up every single day.

•Don't use ANY heat.

•Moisturize hair and ends daily.

•Wash hair every 4 days to every 7 days.

•Use the right hair products that contribute to hair growth.

•Take a vitamin that will enable your hair to reach its hair growth potential.

•Deep condition weekly.

•Use a strengthening protein conditioner at least once a month.

•Keep hair moisturized and soft.

•Be extra, extra gentle when combing and styling. Use a good seamless comb that won't snag your hair.

•Don't manipulate the hair much, put it up and leave it alone.
In conclusion to grow long hair fast, you need to get your hair to its optimal growth rate if it isn't there already. Next, you need to focus on retaining length by eliminating damage and damage repair.

how to make a girly flower

this is the finnished flower, have fun with it make it into a hair band, brooch or necklace.heres how to make it.

cut out some circle in any fabric in various sizes i used 8 circles you can use any amount you like the more you use the flower will be more fluffy

cut some slits all around the circle do as many as you like. create any shape petals you like.

thread up all the circle though the center.

ruffle the circles around on the string untill it looks fluffy.

now fold it in half and sew it then ruffle it around and sew it again in a diffrent dirction to achive the desired effect

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

vanessa hudgens style 4 outfits

i love vanessa hugens style i love her clothes make up everythin this is a video inspired by her

Sunday, 4 July 2010

goodbye threadbanger

as loyal fan of thread banger i was gutted when i watched the video that they were leaving thread banger.
I've been following them for 2 years now and it wasn't a good bye i was not expecting it and it was very sudden and unexplained I'm sure 1000's of other thread banger fans feel the same. Rob and Corinne were the reason why I subscribed to thread banger. I've learnt so much from them one day i was browsing the Internet and i found one the best things that ever happened to me in my life, thread banger. now i had always loved sewing but thread banger changed my life and introduced me to the wonderful world of diy, I'm a diyer for life because of them. i remember watching my first thread banger video and thinking wow i wanna make that, so cut up a old pair of jeans and made my first jean bag and i felt so proud of what i made and ever since that day i knew making things was my passion. so know i want to be a fashion designer and create things that no ones seen before and its all thanks to thread banger if i had never of seen that video i would have never of made my first bag and i would have never been inspired to make clothes and i would have never found my passion. so thank you rob,corinne and meg because i will miss you and so will millions of other thread banger fans and i hope you succeed in your dreams.

now I've been a fan of secret life of a bio nerd for 1 year and a half now and she is very good. she could never replace thread banger but people should give her a chance because she also inspired me and she is a very good seamstress. i give her tutorials 9/10 they are very good, she might not be thread banger but at least she is trying. i suport K.L people should give her a chance its not her fault rob, corinne and meg are leaving.

im a seamstress on youtube too and it is the art of diy i want to share even if i inspire one person i want to continue the spirt of thread banger although im nothing like thread banger i still want to share my diy projects with any one who will watch.

photos of clothes i've made

what im doing this summer and what ive done so far

this summer, I'm going to doing work experience, with a textile print company in London. im doing this because it will look good on my CV and when i want to apply for university. after all i want to do fashion doing this work experience will show I'm interested in fashion. I'm doing it for 4 weeks. so far this month, i have been to a art exhibition and the London collage of fashion to see a exhibition. here are some pictures.

how to make a lace summer top

this is a top i made and im selling it in my online store.