Thursday, 29 December 2016

the best Wedding Dresses, Dresses for Weddings and Homecoming Dresses

the best  Wedding Dresses, Dresses for Weddings and Homecoming Dresses from

hello everyone,
there is an online store that sells the best Wedding Dresses and Homecoming Dresses that would equal Kate Middleton wedding dress at royal wedding on April 29, 2011. they have beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses that range from different styles such as high low, knee length dresses and you can choose the different silhouettes for each dress so you can find your dream Prom Dresses and  Communion Dresses your guaranteed to find the perfect dress for the most perfect event. I love that you can find the best quality dresses at a reasonable price and they use the highest quality materials. 
Your wedding gown is the most significant gown you will ever wear. It embodies your outstanding arrival into the world as a Mrs, and the conclusion of your life as a Miss. Wearing these dresses you will look so attractive for the wedding day with the spotlight-stealing dresses. If you’re looking for a special dress for prom, bridesmaid or wedding they have dresses for all-occasions embellishment and floral lace to ankle-grazing maxis, that prom queen title will be yours for the taking. I love that they have thousands of styles dresses at one time and fresh new dresses uploaded to the website every single day, not just monotonous dresses, they have stunning dresses. Buying on you get exclusive dresses and they are tailor made for each person who orders that dress.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Wire Moon Jewellery

 Hello everyone!
I have an amazing interview with a wonderful jewelry designer.

Introduce yourself, what's your name and how did you choose your shop name?
tell me about your shop

Hello! I am Michelle Lee Shearer, wire artist and owner of Wire Moon Jewelry. I create wire wrapped jewelry and sculptures, like dream catchers and trees. The name Wire Moon Jewelry came from putting together my art media, wire, and my love for the moon and nature.
My online Etsy shop is run by me, and everything for sale is carefully handmade out of wire and natural stones. It is important to me to use only the genuine stones and crystals in my artwork, because it is the reason I make jewelry, to show off these beauties!

In what general area of design do you enjoy?

I enjoy finding creative ways to frame the stones I use and to create new designs. There are hundreds of other amazing wire artists out there, and I take it as a fun challenge to create something people have never seen before out of wire! How many full sized dream catchers are out there that are 100% made with wire? It is a blast to find interesting ways to stay unique.

how did you start designing did you go to school?

I started my store when I was in high school and, since then, have never gone to any design school. I'm proud to say that I've grown up in a very creative household, so most of my design skills are all thanks to my amazing mother and crazy family.

Where do you see your online shop in five years?

In five years, I hope to see my shop be my day job. Nothing would make me happier than living and breathing art every day, and to make a living by making people feel beautiful and happy through my artwork. It's a big goal to tackle in only five years, but every moment my free time I throw into this small business! Fingers crossed!

Do you have any advice for those who want to sell on Etsy and are only just starting out?

My word of advice for anyone thinking about selling on Etsy is to research and plan, then just do it! Etsy has amazing tools for sellers to learn how to sell their goods in the best ways, and there are books floating everywhere! For those struggling to sell on Etsy, I would tell them to never stop growing. It is important to change and move  with the ever-changing flow of the online marketplace. And to always have the passion for your art!

Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest @wiremoonjewelry

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Feshfen hair best kinky curly human hair

Hi every one
I'm  wearing the 100% human kinky curly hair from feshfen very soft and curly like 4a hair.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Etsy shop feature Silvia Monetti fashion store

 Hey, everyone! today I have an amazingly fun feature about a fashion Etsy shop.

Introduce yourself, whats your name and how did you choose your shop name?
My name is Monica, I am a fashion designer living in London. Six years ago I met another designer, Silvia, and our styles and visions absolutely clicked. My friends often call me Monetti as a nickname, so when Silvia and I decided to start our own brand, Silvia Monetti just came naturally as a name!

What skills do you think are important for a successful career in fashion design?
You have to be really passionate about your work and feel strongly about it. So many times have I had people give me suggestions that try to make my style more like other brands, and I used to give in easily to try to please everyone. I learned that you have to go for what you like and trust your instincts if you want to create something different!

How did you get started on Etsy?
I was a little bit intimidated at first, to be honest, but I did some research and saw that there isn’t really another store that has the style and feel of Silvia Monetti. I have been on Etsy as a buyer since forever, but Silvia is the one who made me confident that we should go for it - so we went for it!

What are your qualifications as a fashion designer?
I started off as a child model for Benetton and I think it was the lights and cameras that dazzled me at first! When I grew up a little I realised I would prefer to be behind the scenes putting together the dresses and tops that I would always look for in stores but never find. I have studied fashion and graphic design and worked with a few small boutiques before I started my own.

what inspires your design process?
I am very driven by my instincts. You know when you go looking for, say, a dress for a wedding you are attending, and you know exactly what you want, but you can’t find it? That’s me alll the time, so it’s only natural in the end I sketch it out and make it! I love looking at Vogue and Bazaar too, the style of those photographs is just so perfect!

In what general area of design do you enjoy?
I LOVE making women’s coats and dresses. Coats have a peculiar challenge - you have to keep it warm and practical and somehow find a way to make it look elegant and beautiful at the same time. And I love dresses because you have so much freedom and so many choices to make when putting together a dress!

How do you stay up to date with fashion?
I don’t try to go too crazy with staying up to date - I check out some of my favourite magazines occasionally (already mentioned Vogue and Bazaar), but other than that I try to distance myself a bit or I might get lost in other people’s collections and muddle my own style.

Thursday, 22 September 2016


Hello everyone today I'm showing you my new wig from wigaholics this amazing quality wigs is a funny costume wig that you could wear as a gyaru or you can wear it out cosplay or for a halloween wig and it's really fun because you get to dress up as an angel and that's how I felt in this picture I hope you enjoy this review because these wig only cost between 20 to £40 which is extremely cheap considering the quality of the hair if you think about other brands they cost so much more but what you're paying for is the quality and the attention to detail thank you for reading and don't forget to Subscribe  to my blog.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Graze box

Today I tried out the new graze box and I got the lightbox. I tried the brownies and I thought they were very delicious the breadbox was to salty so I didn't eat it all.  Overall I was impressed with packaging