Saturday, 28 March 2015

etsy shop feature Imyourpresent

  •  Hi everyone! today i have a etsy shop interview with the owner of ImYourPresent
    this is a very special shop because it is so unique and quirky, lets see what Kelly the owner has to say about her online shop.

    What’s your name?

    My name is Kelly Sloan Eident.

    What's the story behind your shop name?

    I think "I'm Your Present" describes my brand’s aesthetic and attitude perfectly. Everything is shiny, pretty, girly and wrapped up with a bow. You can show up to a party empty-handed in a cute playsuit and when someone asks what you got them exclaim, “I’m Your Present!” while jumping out of a gigantic cake and spilling strawberry champagne everywhere.

      When did you start designing?

    I've always loved to make things since I was little. I first starting selling things when I was 13 and living in Abu Dhabi (capital of the United Arab Emirates) with my family. My best friend Kitiya and I would craft until the wee hours of the night and then sell things at our school's Christmas Fair. After high school I went to art school (the Rhode Island School of Design) and majored in Apparel Design.

      What inspired you to open a etsy shop?

    After I graduated from College I wasn't sure what to do next and all the design jobs I found weren't very appealing. I pretty much spent all my free time making things anyway, and I really wanted to find someplace online to sell them. This was in 2006, so Etsy wasn't nearly as big or well known as it is now! I was so happy when I found Etsy and have been every since.

      How do you get idea’s for photo-shoot?

    I guess I'm mostly inspired by things I see and things that I love. I like to collect things and decorate my apartment so pretty much when I have a shoot I just take all my favorite things from around my apartment and set them up to look like the dreamiest spot! One of my favorite ones was me and my two friends Mallory and Lizzy, we set up my room and got a ton of candy, little cakes and champagne! I always love scouting cute locations too, like a diner or ice cream shop. I basically want my shoots to look like a group of friends, looking so adorable and having so much fun! And the shoots are always a blast to be part of. Another cute one I did setting up a all girl rock band and we borrowed instruments and a practice space.

     Do you have a favorite shop on etsy besides your own of course?

    My favorite would have to be my good friend Joe's shop, Pretty Snake!
    He lives in the same city as I do and we've done a bunch of collaborations in the past.

    What has been one of your favorite experiences so far as an artist/designer?

     The interaction with my customers and seeing all the customer pics they post has been incredible!! There are so many different types of girls, all different ages and across the world, each one with their own adorable style! That has been an incredibly fun and rewarding part of my experience.
    If you had one piece of advice for an artist or designer looking to start selling their work what advice would you give?

    I would say to always stay true to your style and your unique vision... If you are designing based on current trends, it could catch on for awhile but it won't stand the test of time, you need to have your own ideas! And work really hard on them.

    Where can the readers find you? What are your website links?

Monday, 23 March 2015

new design!

hi everyone! this is my newest design, below you can see my concept board this project was about looking at future trends. i looked at the deep ocean and things that were surreal and mythical i also looked as surface texture and the 1920's silhouette and simplistic shape. with these all combined i developed theses into design ideas.  

Monday, 9 March 2015

etsy feature LucyLovesLeather

today i have a very interesting feature about a etsy shop i hope you all enjoy reading about it!

What's the story behind your shop name?

Even though my real name is Kimberly, a lot of my friends know me as Lucy! I used to play World of Warcraft pretty seriously, and my characters all had names that were based on Lucy - Lucynia, Lucyient, Lucyvious, the list goes on! I love bad puns and word play!

When I started making leather, I thought it would be fun to use my alter ego to create a name that used alliteration. So Lucy Loves Leather was born! It sounds much better to me than Kym Kreates Krafts.

When did you start designing?

I’ve been a hands on person my whole life. I love to make things, especially useful things! My mom taught me to sew when I was very young, and my dad showed me woodworking and home repair techniques. I can do drywall or make a quilt, and even weld sheet metal!

I didn’t start working with leather until 2012, when my sister showed me how to paint a mask. She had some blank masks she had formed, and let me decorate a few. I quickly fell in love with leather and it’s grown from there!

How do you start the design process?

My designs come from a variety of places. I usually will have an idea pop into my head and then I start sketching and brainstorming. I have several basic templates I’ve refined over the years, and use those for a starting point.

Sometimes I have a pile of ‘blanks’ - unpainted, formed masks- and will just start painting to see what happens. It usually turns out pretty neat, but I do have a pile of masks that didn't’ go right. On days where I’m taking a break, I go through the stack and see what I can salvage!

I love nature and animals, and traditional Japanese art. A lot of my designs combine those elements, and I tend to make very clean, bold, minimalist designs. I love steampunk, but I don’t do it well because I’m too precise!

What inspired you to open a etsy shop?

I first started selling on Etsy with my mom and sister in their shop. They had Squirrel Creek Creations LLC registered as a family business, since several people in my family are artistic. The shop was mostly selling wreaths, and a few masks at the time I joined.

It quickly became focused on masks, with other leather projects featured as well.

After a few years with Squirrel Creek, I wanted to branch out and have my own speciality shop that featured some of my new projects that didn’t fit with the masks and Armour. I’m now making leather jewelry and charms as part of my main product lines, and not just as an after thought.

I’m excited to see where it goes with the things I’ve learnt from over 500 sales in the Squirrel Creek Etsy store!

Do you have a favourite item you have created?

That answer changes over time! I have a special place in my heart for my fox masks. They were one of the first designs I developed all on my own. I will spend hours on youtube watching videos of foxes, and read everything I can on fox mythology and folk lore from around the world. I especially like the Japanese Kitsune mythology, and the Finnish myth about the northern lights being caused by foxes sweeping their tails through the snow.

Do you have a favorite shop on etsy besides your own of course?

I would have to say that my mom and sister’s shop is my other favorite! My sister is amazingly creative, and a very talented artist. We both get that from our mom, of course!

I also am good friends with Rebecca from Wirefly Jewelry - she does beautiful, wearable chain maille jewelry.

There are so many amazing shops on Etsy, I find something new every day!

What has been one of your favorite experiences so far as an artist/designer?

I think going to conventions and doing custom orders are tied for my favorite things to do. It’s great to see people wearing my work, and to have them put their trust in me to bring their concept to life!

But the biggest moment so far was getting an order from Paramount Pictures for 20 wolf masks! They were doing a promotional event for ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and wanted masks for their models to wear. My sister and I made 20 masks in 3 days!

Where can the readers find you? What are your website links?

I have my own website at and am active on social media under the same name. I use Deviant Art, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook.

You can find my Etsy shop at

You can find Squirrel Creek on Etsy at
And the Squirrel Creek Blog is at

Let me know if you want more pictures! I have tons.
You can give out the code 'MISSE10' for 10% off any listed item in my shop.

Thanks for featuring me!

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