Friday, 27 January 2012

rose and butterfly make up & my final fashion project

so this is a make up look that i created so that i could wear it during my final fashion piece shoot. this was a one woman show, makeup artist, photographer, model and designer so i had an eventful day all the final pieces are due next week monday so i have today and the weekend to finish everything ive done my sketch books i just need to fill in all the missing piece and the i'll be free! (we'll almost free i start my next major fashion project the day i hand this in so....) any way i was ment to find someone to model my dress so i could take photos for my portfolio but sadly no one was available :( because everyone was doing there own deadlines. so i knew time was running quite short eek! i decided to do a two in one kill two birds with one stone i like making videos everyday but because im doing my final project that was becoming hard for me but i combined a makeup video with the presentation of the dress because i can do a video and do my work at the same time! so that's why i came up with this wacky look!

so here are the photos of the final dress to be truthful im not entirely happy with the final piece i had to change my design because i didn't have enougth time to make it so it turned out like this. but its done now so i'll just have to hand it in because i don't have enougth time. hopefully in my next major project i'll do exactly what i want because i'll have more time and i'll be only working on one project at i time unlike this project i was  working on 4 projects at once.

these are some photographs i took at the begining of my project and i took design inspirstion frome this i based my design on the colour.

fabric sample left was acrylic paint on fabric and embroidered on top of and this was the my original design and how i wanted the dress to be. so you can see how my actual final dress differs alot.

here are a couple more of my favourite pages in the sketchbook.

carmine beauty box january

hey every one so today i have a quick review of the carmine January beauty box but i will be doing a in depth review on all the products on my youtube chanel  once i've used them. So the carmine box is a monthly subscription that costs £10 plus £2.75 postage and packaging so about £12. And it contains 5 luxury products with 2-3 full size products and the rest are sample size the inside of each box is well over £10. carmine is my first beauty box ever and this is my first month of receiving a box i thought I'd start the new year with a beauty box. i was torn between choosing the carmine box and the feel unique box I'm glad i chose this box because i saw that the January fell unique box was a major disappointment with no make up products and only skin care.

im happy that this months carmine box came with a mixture of makeup, skin and body products.
 this is how the box looks black with the carmine logo in the middle very sophisticated looking and the box feels strong so it can be re used for storage.
the inside of the box is neatly wrapped up in red ribbon and black tissue paper.

so the first product is a full size eyeko fat eye stick and this retails at an crazy £10 so already the box has paid for its self this would be my favourite. mine is in the colour satin taupe i really like how soft a creamy it is.

 next is another favourite and it is a full size product these lashes are handmade and very natural looking which i like. i like that carmine matched this up to me because i took carmines personality test and my result natural glam so im glad they gave me something to suit me because i've seen other reviews and the lashes that other people got looked a little more false so i like that they took our personalities into consideration. these lashes retail at £2.50 so not overly expensive something i would purchase again.

 and a skin oil it smells nice i hope it feels nice on the skin i haven't tries it yet so i can't really say how it works on the skin. but what i will say is the full size product costs £30 ha ha so unless it's holy water for the skin im not buying it for that price!
a simple face cream i do like my face creams so this should be really nice for me its sample size and the full size is 25 euros from Greece  it's supposed to moisturise and brighter the skin.

 and lastly the most disappointing of them all so boring bath salts im just not a fan of them :(

so overall i liked this gets 4/5  because i love 3 products out of 5. i didn't mind the face moisterizer and i hated the bath salts i had high hopes i was really excited because i saw 3 great boxes in a row i hope next months box is more exciting :) but over all a good box and lovely products.

you can subscribe to Carmine using this link  and i can get a free box if 2 people subscribe using that link :)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

fashion sketch book pages of my work

im  creatting a paper garment (fro final piece) at first it was about origarmi! but i didn't really know much about origami so instead i rotated my project around the human body and bones