Tuesday, 30 July 2013

herbal essence beautiful ends leave in conditioner review

hello my lovelies today i have a review of the herbal essence leave in conditioner.
GIRL.... you need this in your life

price: £3
product amount: 150 ml
what it  does: this product is suppose to sooth split ends and repair damage.
how to use: apply to hair after washing hair or apply to dry hair when extra moisture needed.
packaging: red bottle with pump applicator cute graphic logo on front.
product texture: light cream constancy
scent: light pleasant floral perfume smell

when i used this leave in it made my hair feel soft and easy to manage so i really love this so much!!!!
i'm don't think that it mended my split ends but it helped to soften the overall feel of my hair after washing and also as a daily moisturiser.

overall i give it a 4/5

Sunday, 28 July 2013

haul indian ayurvedic powders for hair care

 i got red henna to strengthen and colour my hair.
 shikakai a natural shampoo to cleanse the scalp and keep a healthy scalp.
 Amla powder stimulates the growth follicles adds shine to hair and nourishes scalp.
 rose water to moisturise my baby hair. and vatika coconut oil for scalp massages.
 almond oil as a sealing hair oil for after freshly washed hair to seal in the moisture benefits of the conditioner. Benefit from the nutrients and fats in coconut milk with a hair treatment. Rubbing coconut milk into your scalp and use your fingers to brush the milk through hair strands. Once covering your hair and scalp, wrap your hair in a towel and let the coconut milk sit for an hour or two. The longer it sits, the more deeply the moisturizing and strengthening effects of coconut milk will enter hair shaft. You could also warm the milk up proceeding to application to speed up the absorption of nutrients.
lastly i got an argan oil hair mask for my hair care.

hope you enjoyed this haul

lots of love chantelle

Thursday, 25 July 2013

fashion design

 today i created new fashion designs for me clothing range. i was inspired by a couple of books the first book i used was fabric manipulation sewing book and i took a overlapping ribbon inspiration from it. to create a neckline detail i really like adding textile detail to simple silhouettes.

 another garment I'm working on an detailed shoulder for a dress garment.

 i also used the book pattern magic by tomoko nakamichi to inspire this bow top. the book us about creative pattern cutting it shows you can create any shape with pattern cutting and three dimensional paper cutting to create sculptural architectural clothing designs.  

i will be doing more of these designs.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

urban decay ammo palette

the palette is great for everyday looks with 10 colours

 smog, shimmer copper bronze 
 mildew,dark tone shimmer green
 oil slick, shimmer black
 last call, shimmer warm purple 
chopper, glitter gold
 maui wowie, shimmer golden beige
 shattered, light shimmer green
 polyester bride,  shimmer white
grifter, shimmer lavender 
 sin shimmer golden bronze 

all colours are shimmer based and have a glitter fall fall out when applied. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

photos from the photoshoot

these are the make up looks i created for the photoshoot. a beauty look, creative look, and a vampy look. for a test shoot.

watch behind the scenes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO8DrbVtDRY

Sunday, 14 July 2013

hot vs not summer hair

i think a hot style for the summer time is high bun twists or braided buns look very chic don't you think?

i know standing out from the crowd is good but when you try too hard and do it in a wrong way then it's not hot. this porcupine hair do will scare any guy away imagine leaning in for a kiss!! ahA!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

top five fashion inspirations

my first inspiration for fashion is Christina, i lover fashion sense (no not the dirty look from 2003). i really like her classic pin up inspired fashion keeping it simple, classy but modern i always get outfit ideas form Christina's casual in up clothing like skinny jeans with a red top and red heel with pinup makeup.
i love Vanessa not just her style but she has an exotic mixed beauty.  her style is very ineresting but a casual look at the same time jeans and trainers and i like this look.
this is peeks from the mo am network she is a blogger / youtuber i really love this style because she used interesting outfit combinations and her outfits are funky, colourful and have attitude. i get different bold inspirations from looking at her outfits of the day on youtube. 
taylor swift fashion is lovely because of the feminine floral prints and soft dresses. her style reminds me of a dolly and i'm really into that looking like a dolly look. but taylor does it in a grown up way which i love because i am 21 and i can get outfit inspirations from a person of similar age and taste.

and lastly is not a style icon rather a style era/ subculture. i really love the collective mix clothing that punks wear. the leather jackets, studs, animal print and customised clothing is very appealing to me. i really started to love punk fashion when i started customising clothing i took inspiration from punks. i also really liked the political meaning behind the punks and the music.

so overal my style is a mash up from all these inspirations and taking the parts that i like from each style. 

what do you think?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

haul primark pj

pj i picked up in primark! so cute i love the  short with the vintage bike print on it, so creative design and the ruffle detail on the hem. for £4
the vest with lace detail was £3 so overall price £7

Saturday, 6 July 2013

make up photo shoot

I did some make up looks on models the concepts where creative, natural make up and vampy look these are some photos from the photoshoot.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fräulein3°​8 Wooden Makeup Cosmetic Brushes Set With Case Review

brush set with case include 10 brushes from eBay for £10 this set includes
Powder brush, Foundation brush, Blush brush, Eyeshadow brush,Large shader brush, Small shader brush, Media shader brush, Eyebrow brush, Eyeliner brush.

The brushes are so-so, and they are good but the powder brush and blush brush shed a bit. The price affordable, very budget-friendly as other brands have come to the market with same-quality brushes at a 4 x the price. The best brush of the set is the eyeshadow brush, which is firm and stiff but not scratchy. The eyebrow brush was a little scratchy, but they are fairly densely-packed with bristles. The powder brush seemed rather bulbous. The large shader brush was decent but I would use primarily for patting and applying products, and avoid blending, because it was scratchy.
I, have used these extensively, and after washing them some have lost there shape so i don't know how well they will last. On the plus side I didn’t notice any funny smells, too much shedding, or leaking dye.
Honestly, the case is not durable, it tore in the middle after 1 day, i liked the case when i first got it because it has a detachable zipper compartment where i keep my disposable wands and mascara.

so overall the brushes are ok some are high quality some not so great quality a mixed bunch for the low price.