Tuesday, 25 December 2012

My favourite beauty products of 2012

a new video of all my favourite productis of 2012!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

photoshoot for the garment made from found objects

this piece was an 1 week project where the task was to create a garment form found objects, some thing you wouldn't acossiate with fashion so it could be made from anything like a paper plates or golf balls. so i made mine from newspaper and card. the i used it to make origami butterflies to create this particular shape.

we were put into groups of four i did make up and photography, other members of my group where responsible for hair, modelling and styling. below are some of the shoots i took.

these photos below are of what the other members of my group created as their garments.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

getting arty farty!

a drawing of my eye! today i felt like drawing realistic again, and i did my own eye. it's not bad but it could use alot of work i used to be able to draw better than this so i need to practice again. 2 years ago i stopped doing realist looking art because i wanted to to a more free style of drawing. back then it was forced onto us and we had no choice of what you could do so as soon as i finished alevel i stopped drawing realist and followed my heart and did more free styles more messy! thats my style :) but now i want to re work my skills so i can combine realistic with a more looser messy style.

ive also been making cute christmas cards for fun! :)

Friday, 9 November 2012

How to style a graphic T-shirt 4 outfits lookbook

hey guys this is just a little styling video of my new t-shirt designs.

also please check out the blog post about the custom made skirt i made for singer singer Sayaka.
i can make custom made clothing for anyone, to your exact shape and size, to place your order you can visit www.missevolution.weebly.com

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

new me clothing range

hey! guys so i have some ne new clothes & accessories for you!
this was a custom made dress i was working on for someone i enjoyed making it. it's a white dress with darts at the waist and a draped bottom so the skirt part is flowing. if you would like something custom made visit www.missevolution.weebly.com

i also made some new labels to go into my clothes because before i used to just sew clothes and send them to people, but that wasn't very good because it doesn't show who made it and i what everyone to know that i was person who designed such and such garment so from now on all my clothes will have this logo with chantelle fashion on the logo to brand my clothing.

its even in my new t-shirts!!!!
i have new t-shirt prints for you guys! all my new tshirts will have the chantellefashion logo at the top

So the first tshirt was inspired chocolate, because what girl doesn’t love chocolate?  And i wanted to play with chocolate and turn it into a fun design. And i literally played with chocolates to create this design. i took lots of chocolate and just arranged it, crushed it up and broke it in half,  i just photographed each stage of me crushing the chocolates it was so much fun and even better eating it all. from the series of photos i took i chose my fave one and i just drew! So I sort of turned it into a mini chocolate world where people are made of chocolate and at a chocolate theme park where people are going creamy caramel down slides. so its funny and Delicious, i wanted to create a unique idea, something that's not been done before.

The next tshirt design was also another play with humour so I use lots of colours and the shape of the body and I just wanted to funny and different. so i just collaged to make the body look big and out of proportion so it's weird but cool, so its not like the design you see anywhere its fun and unique. and i think you can see the fun in the design!
i also have some other designs but i'll do an in depth video soon!!
everything will be available in my online store by 9th -10 th of november 2012

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What I Got For My Birthday

this is a get ready with me video of what i wore on my 20th birthday.

i got two perfum body sets for my bithday i got a just pinnk one from my friend.

i got this kylie minogue one called darling from my mummy.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

making fashion

so i made this batwing top from a pattern i created. i love  it! it so kawaii!
if you want to know how to creat your own pattern you can use this as a guide to create your own batwing wattern or you can go to my youtube chanel and watch my step by step video.

i also have this nail tutorial im loving purple at the moment.

Monday, 24 September 2012

chantelles style outfit of the day

 so i wore this floral top i love this i found it in a market its so nice. this reminds me of a liz lisa top.
 i wore this with black skinny jegging for a sleek look, with pink nails, headband & earrings so pink was the main focus of this outfit. the earrings are from new look.
 then i wore this with high heals, that i stuck gems too they were plain black before but i gave my shoes a glam makeover.

Friday, 14 September 2012

3000 subscriber giveaway on youtube!

i am doing a giveaway to thank you all for follwing my blog and my youtube the give away video
what will you win?
 one of you have the lucky chance to win a £150 soufeel bracelet, soufeel was kind enough to sponser me with one of there bracelets! and also im giving away a custom made skirt from my online store!

so these are the prizes that you could win!!!

step 1. Subscribe my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/chantellefashion and like the video  

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step 3. visit www.soufeel.com and copy the item name of your favorite items on site marking "favorite soufeel jewelry" and leave the comment under the video.


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giveaway ends 30th september

fashion night out!!!!!!

on the 6th of september evey year world wide there is a fashion get togetrher , with designers and can see new collections, live music and free champagne lovely!
 i love this car it looked so lush!
 dog is dead a band we saw! loved it, he's hot!

and another camwhore picture, i didn't take that many phots that night i was so overwhelmed by the amazing event that was going on.

Monday, 20 August 2012

The top ten mistakes that damage our hair!

every day you could be doing something very damaging to the hair without even knowing so today im am going to out line th top ten hair damagers people don't know about.
now lets talk about hair, it can be chemically, physically, environmentally and nutritionally damaged and in theses four was most of us are guilty! i know i was guilty of 3 of those and didn't know it at the time, but know i am helping my hair to recover from my mistakes and hopefully preventing you from committing the same crimes to your hair.

  1. this is the most physical damage that many people suffer from or have suffered from at least once is HEAT DAMAGE!!! those hair curlers and blow dryers etc..... yes it may make out hair look pretty for the meantime, in between time but in the long run it leaves our floor covered with evidence of short broken hairs. i remember my friend once said to me, do you know what she told me?  " chantelle, i don't really understand why people say that heat damages your hair? i mean when ever i use heat on my hair it looks healthier but when i let my hair air dry it always looks frizzy and more damaged, i need heat because it makes my hair healthy!" . and do you know what i told her? " when you apply heat to your hair it covers up the true condition of your hair at the same time damaging the strands, the true health of your hair shows when its airdied that why it looks better heat styled and this is an indication of hair DAMAGE!".
  2. hair colouring causes dry, limp & brittle hair if done to often or applied incorrectly. this chemical damage can be avoided if you only dye your hair 1-2 shades darker or lighter than your natural hair colour and then you will need less touch ups, resulting in less chemical used.
  3. relaxer! yes i know im guilty of this one, this is a common chemical hair damager  in the afro Caribbean/ black community however there are many women with healthy relaxed hair and they achieve this with stretching their relaxers, this is extending the time period you get a touch up relaxer. maybe waiting 3 - 6 months before getting a new relaxer.
  4.   daily over manipulation of the hair this is another common hair damager people don't know about over brushing the hair, using small tooth combs, rough towel drying, tight ponytails and hairstyles all create stress on the strands and produce breakage and hair dryness.
  5. a common eviromental damage your hair suffers from is sun damage this causes dullness and dryness to prevent you should wear sun hats and sun protection on your hair.
  6. another eviromental damage is swimming in sea water or chlorine water this also leaves the hair dry and more prone to breakage. make sure to wet hair before entering a pool because your hair is like a sponge it sucks in the water so if theres already water in your hair it will suck in less chlorine/ salt water. also use a chelating shampoo after swimming pronounced key- la- ting.
  7. next stop is cold weather! it strips the hair of moister which leaves hair dry and brittle. so to combat this in the cold winter months you should do weekly or even twice a week deep conditioning with a nice thick mask or make your owh hydrating mask olive oil and half a ripe advricardo. also try to keep ends of hair wrapped up in a bun to stop the ends from drying out and wearing a protective hat outdoors.
  8. poor diet is the direct link to poor hair growth and poor health in general. most people over look the nutritional damages poor eating can cause to the hair. our hair is 80% protein so eat more protein this can be found in eggs, chicken and lean meat etc... having a balanced diet will help with overall well being and hair growth.
  9. water water water!!!! you need to take care of your self internally to see the outside results aim to drink half you body weight in water to maintain a healthy body.
  10. smoking will result in poor hair growth because it will cause hair loss and malnutrition