Tuesday, 9 June 2015

My House Of Holland Inspired Designs Let Them Eat Cake

Final Collection Design Concept:
I chose the brand House of Holland and I chose this brand because of the signature colorful print collections, I want to work with print design in the future and I think this the perfect brand to work with because of its playful and bold approach to design.  I have continued this theme in my concept and the collection will be keeping within the brands aesthetic and key garment types. Because I am designing for a brand that works with print I decided to choose a concept that would nourish my print design ideas. My concept I pop art combined with 90’s grunge fashion and my print inspiration comes from an inspirational photographer called Martin Parr his photography style is comical and strange. 

this is my final graduate collection, I'm graduating in June 2015 with BA (hons) fashion my cake photography that i turned into a print design, if you look closely you can see the abstract cake prints in each garment.  

lable design

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