Sunday, 7 April 2013

photoshoot for new items on my store & new designs me clothing range

 so these are new designs for me clothing range and i was looking at the idea of feminine and edgy combined for a striking look. i wanted a s simple colour palette and interesting silhouettes.
 this top is poofy at the front and pointy in the back really hot crop top, edgy but feminine.
 this next top is a cropped v neck jacket made with faux leather. with big sleeves for an interesting look.
 the next look is very toned down and feminine loose and flowing the perfect look for summer.

 then i created a leather chains and studs necklace for that edgy biker chick look to toughen up the girly top. i always love combining feminine pieces with rocker edgy pieces and it just give it a new fresh look.
 I've been doing  some more designs i really love the idea of leather, studs and chiffon. and the combination of edgy and girly styles.  took inspiration from the rocker looks and girly looks.
so what do you you think? do you like it ? would you wear it? would you buy it?


  1. Chiffon poncho is stunning! :) so is your model, awesome work Chantelle xx

  2. Great photos Chantelle! I love the first outfit girl. You are very talented!!! Have a great weekend xo