Wednesday, 20 February 2013

OPI nail polishes review

 its all greek to me
another favourite colour of mine has amazing pigmentation however chips easily.
 hot & spicy
i love love this colour great for someone who likes to play with colour on the nails & the colour stays on. it doesn't chip off as easily.
 midnght in moscow
very good for a night look, great colour pay off however chips very easily
 funny bunny
a strong white colour it's a great base and i find that it stays on longer than the other polishes
my point exactly
this colour is quite nice neural colour great for someone who likes to play it safe. 


  1. I find my OPI polishes chip easily too, which is odd when you think they're meant to be high end and are expensive. I much prefer Sally Hansen, Revlon and W7 :D

    1. yeah i really prefer drugstore nail polishes they are the same quality for less money.

  2. such a nice review (: cute nail art (:
    but to be honest, it was a lil bit messy..
    if you clean the messy part, it'll look more great. it will better if you keep your fingers clean :D