Tuesday, 19 February 2013

beauty con 2013!

 i was invited to the beautycon 2013 event were beauty gurus got together planned collaborations and learnt tips from the successful gurus like andreaschoice, kandee johnson, pixiwoo & the fash tag. i thought the event was very good! and i was Happy to be there. i'd also like to say a big thanks to my followers and subscribers because if it wasn't for you guys i wouldn't have the opportunity to go to an event like this. and thanks to my followers i was invited so thank you! and in a up coming video i'll be doing a giveaway of some of the goodies i got from beauty con. getting there was hectic i was 1 hour late because i was lost trying to find the place i used my goggle maps and the navigator on my phone ended up lost in central London walking in heels (ouch!) when i eventually got there i was happy.
 beauty crush was there i loved meeting her (blushes) i was such a fan girl LOL.
 kandee johnson & and andreaschoice even bigger fan girl here! i loved meeting them and learning how they were successful on youtube and there tips.
 some other beauty gurus i made friends with on that day. http://www.youtube.com/user/charltomwintale
what i wore to the after party! yeah! a red dress my leather jacket & my DIY fur coat. if you wanna find out how i made this coat click here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLjbnR7A4Wo

just some of the goodies i got from beauty con but i'll do another post showing you all the things i got because im going to be doing a giveaway soon.
we got a lovely meal even though mine came late and i was hungry they served me last.

kandee was very nice and friendly and she hugged me.
and at the after party i met peaks from the moamnetwork! her hairs amazing!!!!

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