Saturday, 17 August 2013

photoshoot of me clothing range tops for etsy store

today i styled the photo shoot for me clothing range, we worked in a studio in north london with model jiahan cai,  also collaborated with photographer Amanda  and also Make Up Artist Yasmina Kay theres links to all of there websites if you want to see there portfolios. 

the model was great she had all the right poses and was very natural and i thought it complimented the outfits well. the photo shoot was fun and playful it was calm and relaxed. we played with props and composition, the finished photos will be on site in a few weeks.
here the model is getting her make up done by yasmina the MUA she is doing a neutral eye and bold red lip. the model is wearing my floral baby doll top and the white bow skirt from my clothing line.

overall the shoot was a success if you want to see where you can purchase my designs at
also look out for more insider peeks at behind the scene photoshoot as i have more clothing to photograph.

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