Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fräulein3°​8 Wooden Makeup Cosmetic Brushes Set With Case Review

brush set with case include 10 brushes from eBay for £10 this set includes
Powder brush, Foundation brush, Blush brush, Eyeshadow brush,Large shader brush, Small shader brush, Media shader brush, Eyebrow brush, Eyeliner brush.

The brushes are so-so, and they are good but the powder brush and blush brush shed a bit. The price affordable, very budget-friendly as other brands have come to the market with same-quality brushes at a 4 x the price. The best brush of the set is the eyeshadow brush, which is firm and stiff but not scratchy. The eyebrow brush was a little scratchy, but they are fairly densely-packed with bristles. The powder brush seemed rather bulbous. The large shader brush was decent but I would use primarily for patting and applying products, and avoid blending, because it was scratchy.
I, have used these extensively, and after washing them some have lost there shape so i don't know how well they will last. On the plus side I didn’t notice any funny smells, too much shedding, or leaking dye.
Honestly, the case is not durable, it tore in the middle after 1 day, i liked the case when i first got it because it has a detachable zipper compartment where i keep my disposable wands and mascara.

so overall the brushes are ok some are high quality some not so great quality a mixed bunch for the low price.  

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