Thursday, 11 July 2013

top five fashion inspirations

my first inspiration for fashion is Christina, i lover fashion sense (no not the dirty look from 2003). i really like her classic pin up inspired fashion keeping it simple, classy but modern i always get outfit ideas form Christina's casual in up clothing like skinny jeans with a red top and red heel with pinup makeup.
i love Vanessa not just her style but she has an exotic mixed beauty.  her style is very ineresting but a casual look at the same time jeans and trainers and i like this look.
this is peeks from the mo am network she is a blogger / youtuber i really love this style because she used interesting outfit combinations and her outfits are funky, colourful and have attitude. i get different bold inspirations from looking at her outfits of the day on youtube. 
taylor swift fashion is lovely because of the feminine floral prints and soft dresses. her style reminds me of a dolly and i'm really into that looking like a dolly look. but taylor does it in a grown up way which i love because i am 21 and i can get outfit inspirations from a person of similar age and taste.

and lastly is not a style icon rather a style era/ subculture. i really love the collective mix clothing that punks wear. the leather jackets, studs, animal print and customised clothing is very appealing to me. i really started to love punk fashion when i started customising clothing i took inspiration from punks. i also really liked the political meaning behind the punks and the music.

so overal my style is a mash up from all these inspirations and taking the parts that i like from each style. 

what do you think?

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