Thursday, 6 June 2013

Graduate Fashion Week London

as you know i am a fashion design student so i got free tickets from my uni to attend graduate fashion week. it was really good i felt really inspired and i can't wait til its my turn in two years time.
i did a vlog video about the event it was amazing! the designs, cut and construction and most of all the portfolios! now i know what standard i need to work at.

also sorry about my irregular post on youtube and here on blogger. i am gong to be posting more regularly here and on youtube.  you often get lots of blog posts/ videos al at once then i disappear for a week or so. thats not a good routine so im going to have some more structure to my upload routine.

Youtube video schedule
Mondays: reviews or make up tutorial

Wednesdays lookbook or DIY fashion

Fridays Hair tutorial or Haul or vlog/ chat 

Blog  schedule

Makeup Tip or lifestyle blog

OOTD OR review

Saturdays  or Sundays
DIY fashion or about my newest project

with this new routine you will receive a post from me every day either on blogspot or youtube. look forwards to my new posts and please tune in! 

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