Wednesday, 7 November 2012

new me clothing range

hey! guys so i have some ne new clothes & accessories for you!
this was a custom made dress i was working on for someone i enjoyed making it. it's a white dress with darts at the waist and a draped bottom so the skirt part is flowing. if you would like something custom made visit

i also made some new labels to go into my clothes because before i used to just sew clothes and send them to people, but that wasn't very good because it doesn't show who made it and i what everyone to know that i was person who designed such and such garment so from now on all my clothes will have this logo with chantelle fashion on the logo to brand my clothing.

its even in my new t-shirts!!!!
i have new t-shirt prints for you guys! all my new tshirts will have the chantellefashion logo at the top

So the first tshirt was inspired chocolate, because what girl doesn’t love chocolate?  And i wanted to play with chocolate and turn it into a fun design. And i literally played with chocolates to create this design. i took lots of chocolate and just arranged it, crushed it up and broke it in half,  i just photographed each stage of me crushing the chocolates it was so much fun and even better eating it all. from the series of photos i took i chose my fave one and i just drew! So I sort of turned it into a mini chocolate world where people are made of chocolate and at a chocolate theme park where people are going creamy caramel down slides. so its funny and Delicious, i wanted to create a unique idea, something that's not been done before.

The next tshirt design was also another play with humour so I use lots of colours and the shape of the body and I just wanted to funny and different. so i just collaged to make the body look big and out of proportion so it's weird but cool, so its not like the design you see anywhere its fun and unique. and i think you can see the fun in the design!
i also have some other designs but i'll do an in depth video soon!!
everything will be available in my online store by 9th -10 th of november 2012


  1. It's a good idea to put labels Chantelle. In fact it's a shame that we don't have one for the skirt you made for Sayaka. I didn't know you were on blogspot otherwise I would have followed you earlier. I will soon put a picture on my blog of Sayaka with the skirt you made for her.

    1. thank you for following me!, yeah it is a shame that some of my eairer works don't have lables

  2. Hi Chantelle! I have posted pictures of the skirt you made for me. Thank you again! I love it!