Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Why I love these handmade dolls and why you will too! Etsy shop of the month

Hey everyone!
I hope you are having an amazing day today, yeah?
I love beautifying the home with handmade art I have a passion for using and buying handmade pieces for my home. The artsy style of handmade dolls can add a real rustic feel to the home. It’s so nice to add homely handmade touches to your home it makes it so special, I really like the handmade artist because you support the maker and find something truly uniquely handcrafted and special. If you are looking for a handmade gift maybe this little cute Etsy shop might interest you MamasBunnies a handmade doll shop that sells unique handmade little dolls they have so much character and personality in each doll.

When I first discovered MamasBunnies I felt enchanted by the dolls they have a real whimsical feel about them that make the dolls so special. Decorating your home with handmade dolls can give your house character. I really love the intricate detail of each doll and you can really tell how much work went into creating each doll. The handmade craftsmanship is phenomenal because they really capture the emotions of innocence and playfulness with the colours used in each doll.

The dolls are handmade with love by a mother who retired from dressmaking and became a dollmaker, she attended doll making classes and found a love for making bunnies. Every doll is made with an artistic soul and you can see how amazingly well made they are each doll is made with love and care. She creates little artist handmade dolls that are not toys but they are ornaments and made for decoration. MamasBunnies is a mother and daughter duo handmade business the mother is the creative artist and the daughter is the business manager on Etsy.

don't forget to check out there store here!


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