Wednesday, 29 November 2017

How to promote your etsy shop

The success of your creative business completely depends on how well you promote it. So you want to be a etsy best seller? To become one of the best people need to know about your work and the only way they can find out about you is through your social media presence, this is the key to creating a buzz around your etsy shop and gaining traction for your creative business. The first steps to promoting your business starts with your brand message what are you trying to share? Who are you trying to help? When you understand the answers to these questions you can better market your etsy shop to your potential customer. You have to embrace social media it’s one of the key things that you need to do to succeed. One of the top social media websites is Instagram it’s got millions of users and engages your audience through visual photography. This means that you can communicate with your audience in a different way and communicating with your audience visually with photos and video is the main benefit of Instagram. Using hashtags can get you noticed on Instagram but the over use of hashtags can make you look trashy and on organised no one wants to look like an on organised ungraceful brand to use hashtags gracefully the rule is just use 10 -15 hashtags and that is enough to make your post relevant to what ever your posting about. Do you want to engage your audience or bombard them with nonsense? It needs to be relevant exciting and engaging in ways that makes them feel like they’re involved with your brand in numerous ways.
One big mistake people do is only posting brand content only posting links to the products and this is the fastest way to lose interest you need to post things that are relevant to the brand as well as your own products as well because this will create interest and excitement. Another great platform is Twitter you can get your forts voice on Twitter and I really great update that they’ve done is that they’ve increased the word limit that you’re allowed to do you on Twitter so that you can express yourself a lot better and include photographs videos and also links to your website on the platform. If you haven’t started to blog yet for your etsy shop you need to, blogs and one of the most powerful tools on the Internet. You can create a blog about how to do your craft or teach people why they need what your selling. It’s a way to communicate with your customers frequently and also keep them up-to-date with what’s going on with your etsy shop and what’s new. Regular weekly posts will keep them in engaged with your etsy shop with social media you will hit the sweet spot of posting 2 to 3 times every single day for small content and also posting once a week of longer content for your blog.
You could even go the route of gifting a micro influencer some of your etsy service or etsy products so they can share it with their followers and getting you some more exposure for your brand this could be great for bloggers or YouTubers. And remember don’t be so serious give people something to laugh about remember the most memorable adverts are the ones that make you laugh the most. The memorable brands are the ones that you find funny so try and be a brand that is exciting, laughable and shareable. And last but not least integrate some of your brand affricates into your promotions to show people who have been happy with buying from you any reviews anyone using your products and show how fun it is to have what you make.
I know that this might sound absolutely crazy to start getting done you might be new or you might be a long time etsy seller but you just don’t know how to take this few steps. Don’t worry I’ve got your back I already know about this and I know the predicament that you’re in right now there are hundreds of different services out there to help people like you you can find people on freelancer websites who will do all your social media and can manage it for you. If you want to know more about how you can get help to grow your etsy shop and grow your brand check out social media freelancers to help you.
Thanks for reading hope this helps you!

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