Thursday, 1 December 2016

Wire Moon Jewellery

 Hello everyone!
I have an amazing interview with a wonderful jewelry designer.

Introduce yourself, what's your name and how did you choose your shop name?
tell me about your shop

Hello! I am Michelle Lee Shearer, wire artist and owner of Wire Moon Jewelry. I create wire wrapped jewelry and sculptures, like dream catchers and trees. The name Wire Moon Jewelry came from putting together my art media, wire, and my love for the moon and nature.
My online Etsy shop is run by me, and everything for sale is carefully handmade out of wire and natural stones. It is important to me to use only the genuine stones and crystals in my artwork, because it is the reason I make jewelry, to show off these beauties!

In what general area of design do you enjoy?

I enjoy finding creative ways to frame the stones I use and to create new designs. There are hundreds of other amazing wire artists out there, and I take it as a fun challenge to create something people have never seen before out of wire! How many full sized dream catchers are out there that are 100% made with wire? It is a blast to find interesting ways to stay unique.

how did you start designing did you go to school?

I started my store when I was in high school and, since then, have never gone to any design school. I'm proud to say that I've grown up in a very creative household, so most of my design skills are all thanks to my amazing mother and crazy family.

Where do you see your online shop in five years?

In five years, I hope to see my shop be my day job. Nothing would make me happier than living and breathing art every day, and to make a living by making people feel beautiful and happy through my artwork. It's a big goal to tackle in only five years, but every moment my free time I throw into this small business! Fingers crossed!

Do you have any advice for those who want to sell on Etsy and are only just starting out?

My word of advice for anyone thinking about selling on Etsy is to research and plan, then just do it! Etsy has amazing tools for sellers to learn how to sell their goods in the best ways, and there are books floating everywhere! For those struggling to sell on Etsy, I would tell them to never stop growing. It is important to change and move  with the ever-changing flow of the online marketplace. And to always have the passion for your art!

Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest @wiremoonjewelry

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