Sunday, 10 March 2013

i blinged my laptop case & camera

 so i got a new laptop and i didn't want it to get chipped up like my old one did get scratches and marks. so i decided to buy a laptop case i was searching for a binged out case for laptops and i couldn't really find any designs for it. only boring coloured cases, so i decided to order a case and decorate it my self. bling it out yeah! so got some rhinestones from the works for 99p! so cheap.

 i was getting really happy when the design was coming along!

 the finished case! what do you think? would you buy some if i started making them for laptops and selling it on my store?
 you know as well as i do i couldn't stop there, i had to bling out this! i was inspired by japan so cute!

do you like it?