Thursday, 26 July 2012

mini haul

today i got these very cute strawberry earphones so cute i could almost eat them, they are super cheap and cute from poundland.

i got these rollers from the afro carribean hair shop but i think they sell these in most stores just need to look around. the biggest one which is 7 inches cost £4 for six. the medium size one which is 4.5 inches cost £2.50 for a pack of 6 and the smallest which is 1.5 inches  cost £1. 80 for a pack o six so overall i spent £8.30 on these rollers. i've used rollers before but the ones i had used was smooth magnetic rollers so this time i opted  to try the velcro rollers because there easier to use. i loved the result the roleres gave me however i didn't like that there was lots of little broken hairs when i removed the rollers because the velcoro had ripped the hairs out so i didn't like them so much. 

 i love the student cook book yum yum yum!!!! i got it from the works and it has so many yummy simple recipes for students on a budget i recommend you pick one up know before its not in sale any more. it's origanally £10 but at the works its £2.99 bargin! you'll need it for uni!
 i got thes a while back from asda george £18 i think im in love!!!!!! are you in love yet?
and lastly my fave!!! fave! fave! magazine company £2 any shop


  1. Lovely stufff !
    the earphones are soooo cute C:
    && could you share or show a recipe? (:

    1. thanks! yes i most certainly can! i was planning on doing one on my chanel and one on my blogspot

  2. Hi Chantelle !
    I just wanted to let you know that I awarded you with the Liane blog award: