Sunday, 22 July 2012

beauty,makeup haul swap with glitterandcarousels

i really loved what grace got me!
i got this amazing hand food its so yummy and it moistrizes hands so well.

 soap and glory hand cream has the same smell as hand food, when i apply it feels so soft and smell like i have perfum on the smell is lingering, i like smells that last.
OMG! i haven't burned this yet but it smells absolutly amazingly tasty!

i used this yesterday i love the smell of bluberries, i applied it after i steamed my face for 20 minuets. when i opened it was purple  and felt very moistrizing, i left it on for 20 mins while i was doing my hair and when i washed my face off my skin felt so soft and i look refreshed.

this is a 17 lipstick in kissable, its a pale pink.

this is elf 2117 cherry tart  luscious liquid lipstick when i applied it i realised its more like a lipgloss than a lipstick.

i was so happy about this models own nail polish never tried this before it's called ibiza mix with lots of diffrent flexs of diffrent coloured sparkles so glamourous!

then lastly this possibility ice cream peppermint lip balm. the consitancey is very creamy and soft to touch it smells of peppermint of course and feels very nice on the my lips.

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