Monday, 23 July 2012

face & hair of the day

using heaven and earth palette as highlight all over the lid

use a coulor that matches your top
sleek sparkle palette

using a dark colour go over it and make it smokey

lastly use a lighter highlight for the inner corners the bridge of the nose and the cupids bow.

add mascara or lashes

i used big rollers to give my hair volume i was going for the big 60's hair with the floral head band around it. i washed my hair then put rollers in and sat under the hooder dryer for about 1 hour and it made it strait with out as much damage as a straitener and more volume than a straitener.


  1. Gorgeous eye look && I love your hair doo <3 !

  2. sleek palette in my country are quite expensive!

    followed u btw. ^^