Thursday, 15 April 2010

tom hunter

Tom hunter is an photographer artist. he takes thing out of context. in this photograph he has taken a 21st century black man in suite and put him in a 20th century style barber shop so the photo looks out of context.

the composition of the photo i look first at his face because it looks serious. then my eyes are drawn towards the dark shadow in the corner then i look at the mirror on the wall.

i think that the mood of this photo is relaxing. my reaction to this work is a calm, relaxing background. i think the artist wants the viewer to think of relaxing because the photo is taken in a relaxed environment however the mans body language in the photo looks serious. this work reminds me of the 20th century because this photos background is set in the 20th century.

techniques: in this photo he has used over head lighting and set up stage for the background. this photo is light and it is in colour this is a digital photo. there is alot of depth and space in this photo i think the background is very important to the photographer because it sets the theme.

the artist has represented his ideas by taking two different themes from two different time eras and the artist has made the photograph out of context.

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