Wednesday, 14 April 2010

photoshop experimentation

in this experiment i did this in three experiments, i took two photos and layered them on top of each other then i changed the opacity and blended the photos together. i used paint shop pro to blend the two photos. i was trying to create a gradual blended effect. the most successful part is that the photos go together like harmony. the least successful part was blending underexposed photos with over exposed photos so they look out of focus. to improve i could blend two photos with the same lighting for better results.

in my other photo i put two photos next to each other and gradually faded the photos together to make them blend into each other. what i did was i unlocked the background layer on photoshop and made it just a layer then i copied the photo that i wanted it to blend into and pasted it on top of the background that i had made into a layer. i add a layer mask then made it full opacity then i added a blend tool to make two photos gradually blend into each other.the most successful part is that the blend looks really smooth and there are no harsh lines. the least successful part is that one of the photos is overexposed and the other photo is underexposed.

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