Tuesday, 6 April 2010

fashion design

before i was totally stuck for ideas i felt unmotivated and i felt like giving up and not going though with my plans mostly because i had no money to buy materials and i had designers block i wasn't felling creative. its not easy i can tell you that much. then i thought to my self did i come this far to give up? all those sleepless night working on my website all for nothing? and i told my self this is i what i want and i need to do it because I'm always starting things then i get frustrated and i don't finish i have lots of unfinished projects that i just gave up on and this isn't going to be the dream i give up on because dreams are just for dreaming but reality it what YOU make it. so i motivated my self to find other inspirations to inspire me i too my photography folder out and started to get ideas from my photography i started to do lots of sketched that i then developed into fashion drawing. i then knew that these were the new designs i could use for my portfolio and my store. i know that doing this will help me go to design school so i try my best to push on and do my work so it will pay off in the future. also today i was so happy because my cousin brought me new sewing materials and my anty gave me some money to indulge on my self but I'm going to spend it on materials

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  1. You're such an inspiration really...Since ive done my almost useless one yr diploma in FD I've been having a designers block...and it's very difficult..I totally understand how u must've felt.....and frankly it's nice to know you're keeping yourself motivated! very happy for you!.....I'm from India, and if u need any inspiration from our culture please let me know...

    Happy designing!