Sunday, 11 October 2015

Thin Tea Review

hi everyone!
today I would like to share with you Thin Tea. I have been using the tea for 28 days. Thin Tea is a detox tea you have morning tea you take with breakfast and a night time tea you have before dinner. what i loved about the teas is that they are gluten free, dairy free, preservative free, additive free, caffeine free and laxative free! Thin Tea uses all natural organic ingredient in the tea. I love that the teas ingredients are alkaline in the body. the body thrives on foods that promote blood alkalinity and help neutralise the acidic waste products from the metabolism. weight loss is so much easier when your body is in an alkaline state which is why Thin tea works so well at what it does. You can see in the before and after photo a flatter belly after taking for 28 days. However the best way to reach your goal is to take Thin Tea while eating Alkaline forming foods such as ripe fruits, Greens and other vegetables (excluding starchy vegetables like potato).  Thin Tea provide a Meal plan, however did not follow this plan because my main diet is already similar to their meal plan.  I eat 70% fresh vegetables &fruits 20% protein, carbohydrates, starches & fat  and some times i have a treat days so i have 10% junk foods. 
overall i love the Thin Tea Results I would recommend it to any one to try. 
thank you Thin Tea for sending me your tea to review.

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