Thursday, 29 October 2015

etsy shop feature Elderhaus Wand Shop

 Hi everyone today i have a lovely interview with a creative etsy shop owner! magic wands

Elderhaus Wand Shop

What got you into design?
My wife. We had always talked about how fun it would be to be wand makers. After I lost my job, the timing couldn't have been anymore perfect.

When did it all begin?
Well, for me personally I have always believed I was supposed to be a wizard. As a kid I waited for my Hogwarts acceptance letter, and I still am...

The main reason why we began Elderhaus is because I struggle with ADHD and always have. The way it manifested from being a child to an adult has been a struggle, as my brain doesn't work like most other people (it's extremely frustrating at times). Because of my ADHD, I have also struggled with self esteem issues. Harry Potter and the wizarding world helped me build myself up, and still does.

When we started Edlerhaus Wands my wife and I were going through a really difficult time in our lives; there was a lot of change happening and a lot of unknowns. We figured we had nothing to lose, and why not do something we love!

Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years in regards to your Etsy?
I hope for us to be making regular sales and for us to grow our designs and inventory. I'd also like to grow our custom wands business. I love doing custom wands, and making someone else's dreams and ideas become reality. We also would like to get involve with organizations who help children and adults with learning disabilities. We want to show them that they can be magical too.

Was it difficult to start your etsy shop or did you just find your way?
Yes and no. Yes, because at the time there was a lot going on in our lives, but my wife is the type of person who knows how to get things done, so we literally came up with the idea on a Friday and were up and running by Monday.

Do you have any advice for those who want to sell on etsy and are only just starting out?
MARKET, MARKET, MARKET! You can have the most incredible product, but if you don't market no one will know how awesome it is. I am lucky to have a wife who is a master at marketing and branding, but anyone can learn to market. It's a lot of trial and error.

Do you think that education (such as University or Design school) is absolutely necessary to be able to design?
No, I don't think it is necessary for what we do. Creativity can't be stifled, and everyone is creative in their own way.

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