Tuesday, 3 December 2013

the final tailored jacket!

all the way from design concept to final design. so in summery the project was about teddy boys and the theme reveal and conceal.  so i looked at the classic teddy boy jacket and blocked out parts of the details with collage and drew design ideas from this. so for the final garment at the bottom of the jacket i blocked it off with a black, then on the front the pocket detail is cut off where it looks like a pocket but its not a pocket. This is because of the reveal conceal element of the jacket. i also kept some of the key teddy boy aspects on the jacket so you could tell its teddy boy inspired. 

i worked with a model from model mayhem http://www.modelmayhem.com/2226086  highly recommend her  for shoots very reliable.

so do you like my new jacket?

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  1. HI,
    I see that you, realy work hard on what you want to do, so fighting!!!!