Tuesday, 5 November 2013

etsy fature of the week GardensOfTheSun


hey everyone welcome to etsy feature of the week and todays feature is gardens of the sun owned by Meri, a unique jewellery shop that specialises with raw diamonds, jems and pearls. 

"I am Dutch, married to a very handsome German and living in Indonesia. We have a one year old daughter. I am working on sustainability issues in the tropical forestry sector, and try to make the world a slightly better place. I love making things myself and I love food. I make my own cheese and yoghurt as it's hard to find here! 

The name of the shop, Gardens of the Sun, comes from an old journal about Borneo island written by an explorer from the 19th century. I love exploring and discovering, and Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo, is a world of inspiration for me. I have spent quite some time there for my studies and work. 

I absolutely love to use diamonds, colorful gemstones and pearls. I have decided to focus on raw diamond and rough gemstone jewelry for the future, as I adore their imperfections. These are also the most popular items in my shop. I spend hours going through lots of gemstones and diamonds picking out the most beautiful rocks and selecting approximate pairs. I'm obsessed with finding special stones, such as color shifting gemstones, and clear rocks with inclusions. It's a completely intrinsic motivation to find beauty in what is already there and create something even more beautiful. 

I started making jewelry when I was in university, studying tropical forestry. I was in Indonesia for fieldwork, and while traveling I purchased these amazing gemstones in South Kalimantan, and freshwater pearls on the island of Lombok. I just made jewelry for myself and for friends and family. Years later, I discovered Etsy. When my daughter was a year old I was in need of a creative outlet, and the shop was born. 

Working with my hands gives me a break from the stress at work, as I become completely absorbed with what I am doing at the very moment. I often don't hear people talking to me because I am so concentrated! 

For me, sustainability is a primary concern. It's not only my daytime job, it is a mindset. I therefore try to purchase diamonds primarily from sources that can assure me that the diamonds are mined in accordance with the Kimberly process and are not subsidizing violent conflict. Actually I am looking into buying diamonds mined in Indonesia, as it will be easier for me to track the mine and assess the mining conditions. I try to use scraps for my shagreen stingray leather jewelry. And I try to use packaging from recycled, reused and natural material, or boxes that can be used again. I love my dyed banana leafs for wrapping gifts, so colorful and special! Another example are my little rattan jewelry boxes. "
quoted from Meri.

 You can use the coupon code FREESHIPPING for orders over $50. 
also coupon code CHANTELLE10 for 10% discount until the 31st of December.

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