Tuesday, 12 July 2011

moving out!, redecorating and new art work

this is an abstract painting of a girl i did recently on canvas, i used the colour red and purple because i wanted the viewer to feel strong emotions when they look at it to feel the emotions of the girl in the painting.

so recently i have planned to re decorate my room because the wall is falling out and i need it re plastered. so when that gets done i'll post a room tour on youtube.

also i decided last minuet that i wanted to live at uni so its been a pain finding accommodation, because originally my plan was to travel on a train to uni for 2 hours every day from home because i didn't want to move away. then later i realised what a hassle that would be had how expensive it would be. so i've decided to live at uni because the travel price per month is similar to the price to live there and living at uni would be so much easier to make friends so last minute i decided i wanted to live there and my course starts in a month and a half so i haven't got much time left. so your probably thing what course are you doing? I'm going to be doing a art foundation at the start of September. this includes range of art and design subject areas, this helps to choose your subject of study for your degree and we get a understanding of how art, design, craft could help your future career

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