Tuesday, 12 July 2011

DIY home decor peppermint scented pillow

since you all know from my last post im moving away from home to live at uni!! im going to have new place and i'll need to make it comfy like my home away from home. so i made a peppermint scented pillow for my dorm room i chose peppermint because it relaxes me but you could use any scent like lavender or tea tree essetral oils. this pillow costed me nothing to make because i used what i had.
this pink fabric is hand dyed by me i used some white satin fabric that i batik dyed and i put random patterns on so it looks unique i like how it came out i did this at school for a project and i had some of the fabric left over so i decied to use this to make the pillow. i can't really show you how i dyed the fabric because i did it at school so i'll just explain it. to start of with you can only use silk, cotton or satain to batik on. To make a batik, selected areas of the cloth are blocked out by brushing or drawing hot wax over them, and the cloth is then dyed. The parts covered in wax resist the dye and remain the original colour. This process of waxing and dyeing can be repeated to create more elaborate and colourful designs.

Put a pound of clear paraffin wax in the coffee can and melt it. Paint over the design with wax. Make sure the wax penetrates the fabric completely ' you should see it on the back of the cloth. let the wax cool then dye the fabric, you can do this several time to get the desired effect. Remove the wax, by ironing it between a few paper towels. Put newspaper under the paper towels to absorb the wax and moisture. This can be done while the fabric is still wet.

now how to make the pillow!!!

first you have to cut out two 11 by 7 inch rectangles.then you have to pin them right sides together so that the wrong side is faceing outwards and sew this on your sewing machine leaving a small opening
you have to turn it the right way out and stuff it with fluff i got mine from a old pillow.
then add a essentrail oil to the fluff and sew up the opening.

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