Thursday, 29 July 2010

the world of work

im doing my work expierince now at a textile print studio and its so hard, every day i have to screen print the fabrics by hand. Then i had to hand wash fabric for 8 hours!!!!!! because you can't put it in the washing machine after you have printed the fabric because it could ruin the print so you have to hand wash it and carrying buckets of water to wash it. my arms were tired! lol im gonna build some arm musles. then i spent the day ironing, cutting and packaging fabrics. the work is hard but over all im learning how to screen print and diffrent techniques of fabric dyeing.then the manager told me to clean up bird shit!!!! so i had to wipe it up!!!! then she droped some food on the floor ands she was like " get the work expierince girl to clean it up" i was so pissed off but i had to do it. i had to sweep up food that SHE droped herself. i thought i was doing a textile work expirence but i think i was the maid and cleaner.

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